Dragon Ball Super Previews Battle With Granolah’s Real Enemies

Newly released preview images for Dragon Ball Super provide a hint as to who Goku, Vegeta and Granolah will be battling next.


The preview images from the series' official site reveal that the villainous Heeters successfully collect all of the planet's Dragon Balls and summon its wish-granting dragon, who takes on more amphibian-like appearance than the dragons from Earth or Namek. The previous chapter in the series revealed that it was Bardock, Goku's forgotten biological father, who saved Granolah and his mother from the Saiyan attack all those years ago. After learning that he has been fighting the son of his savior this whole time, Granolah discovers that it was the Heeters who actually killed his mother. The preview images show Granolah coming to terms with these revelations, but his reconciliation with Goku and Vegeta are cut short when the sky turns dark and the heroes apparently realize that the dragon has already been summoned.




The official synopsis describes the upcoming chapter with the following:

Beaten and bloody from their epic battle, Goku and co. are about to have the rug pulled out from under them! The Heeters have succeeded in unlocking the power of the Dragon Balls, but what will their wish be...?!

Granolah was originally positioned as the main villain for this arc, but like Piccolo, Vegeta and Broly before him, it appears that the former villain will now become one of Goku's allies. The preview does not reveal what the Heeters wish for, which has led fans to speculate whether they'll follow in Granolah's footsteps and ask for power to rival the series' Saiyan warriors, or if they have a more insidious wish in mind. Fans will have to wait until Nov. 20 to find out, as that's when Chapter 78 will be published.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest entry in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series, which began almost 40 years ago in 1984. The new manga is drawn by a self-taught artist named Toyotarou, whom Toriyama has personally named as his official successor.  The first arcs of the still on-going manga were adapted into a televised anime series from Toei Animation that ran from 2015 - 2018. The anime will continue with a new CG-animated movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will be released sometime in 2022. The movie is set several years after Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will reportedly focus on Goku's granddaughter, Pan, who is now a few years older and has been receiving martial arts training from Piccolo, just like her father Gohan did during the first half of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

Source: Dragon Ball Official Website

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