Dragon Ball Super Fans Are Divided On Vegeta’s Latest Actions

Dragon Ball Super continues to put Vegeta fans on edge, as the Saiyan prince's latest actions have sparked a debate if some of his recent choices are true to the character, or whether they represent a rollback of the growth that he has seen throughout the series.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 sees Goku and Vegeta continuing to struggle in their fight against the vengeful Granolah. After Vegeta takes a beating, Goku rushes back into the fight to help his Saiyan counterpart, but Goku - as well as many readers of the manga - are then caught off guard when Vegeta attacks the helpful hero from behind, saying he wants to finish Granolah on his own. Goku points out that this is a bad time for Vegeta to return to his old habits, but Vegeta retorts by saying he only ever fought alongside Goku when they were trying to protect the same thing, and adds that he'd rather die than team up with Goku again. While Vegeta does require Goku to step in once help again, he eventually convinces Goku to let him take on Granolah one-on-one, and makes it clear that he's willing to die in order to finish this fight on his own terms. After Vegeta points out the hypocrisy of Granolah's vendetta, the chapter ends with the appearance of an elderly Namekian, who reveals that Granolah's Cerealian race was once saved by one of the Saiyan warriors he hates so much - a man named Burdock, who Dragon Ball fans may remember was Goku's father.

Dragon Ball fans got "Vegeta" trending worldwide on Twitter once again as they argued whether the prince's actions in this chapter are simply an extension of his proud nature, or if he crossed a line by attacking Goku. Some people liked the twist and were glad to see Vegeta's pride take charge once again, while others feel that this momentary betrayal is a rollback of the development that the character saw throughout the latter half of Dragon Ball Z and earlier chapters of Dragon Ball Super. Some are just mad that Vegeta is continuing to struggle, despite the recent debut of his new, more powerful form.

Fans will have to wait until next month to see what happens next in the Dragon Ball Super manga. The next animated work in the series, a movie entitled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, will debut sometime in 2022 and will feature a new art style that seeks to feature a seamless integration of hand-drawn 2D style with 3D animation. The new movie is set several years after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly and will feature an appearance from Goku's granddaughter Pan, who is now old enough to attend grade school.

Source: Manga Plus, Twitter

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