Dragon Ball Super Debuts New Ultra Ego Vegeta Art in Full Color

Dragon Ball Super released new art of Ultra Ego Vegeta.

The new portrait of the Saiyan prince will be included with the manga's 18th collected volume, which is due out in Japan on April 4. The art was shared online by Twitter user @DBSChronicles. The full-color image presents Vegeta with a torn-up body suit and his latest transformation, the powerful but eyebrow-less Ultra Ego form. Ultra Ego's official colors were first unveiled last Decemeber at the Jump Festa convention, when manga artist Toyotarou premiered a colored chibi drawing of Vegeta utilizing the new transformation.

Toyotarou also revealed that he was the one who came up with the name and design for Vegeta's latest and most powerful transformation. It was me who came up with the name and design," the artist said, adding, "After that, when I showed it to [Dragon Ball creator Akira] Toriyama-sensei, he gave me a greenlight." According to the manga artist, Ultra Ego is meant to be the dark counterpart to Goku's Ultra Instict. While the Ultra Instinct form sees Goku taking on the silver appearance of the angelic guardian Whis, Ultra Ego is instead influenced by the appearance of the cat-like God of Destruction, Beerus.

Vegeta first utilized the transformation during the Granolah the Survivor arc, which is currently nearing its end. The arc introduced several new characters, including the Heeters, a group of a villains who once worked for Frieza, and the titular Granolah, the last survivor of the Cerealean race who blames the Saiyans for the destruction of his people and the murder of his family. Seeking revenge, Granolah uses a wish from the Dragon Balls to become the most powerful fighter in the universe, and plans to take out the last remaining Saiyans, beginning with Goku and Vegeta.

Ultra Ego will soon no longer be Dragon Ball's newest transformation: Piccolo is set to receive a power boost, which has been dubbed the "Potential Unlocked" form, in the series next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The new form gives Piccolo a new golden color scheme. The movie introduces a new pair of Red Ribbon Army androids as its antagonists and will focus on the relationship between the Namekian warrior and his first pupil, Gohan.  The movie was originally scheduled to be released in Japan this April, with a North American premiere to follow this summer, but it has been indefinitely delayed due to the Toei Animation hack that occurred on March 6. Toei has yet to announce a new release date for the movie.

Source: Twitter

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