Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 Recap & Spoilers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70, Granolah -- the last remaining Cerealian -- received his wish and got a huge power boost from his planet's dragon in exchange for much of his remaining life. Now ready to fight Freeza, Granolah unleashed his new abilities on a gang called the Heeters so as to learn that classic villain's location. And while Heaters leader Elec seemingly relented, the gangster had something else in mind: Set Granolah against Goku and Vegeta in the hope that they'd take care of the Cerealian once and for all.

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, "The Heeters' Plan," sees that group's machinations come to fruition, making clear there's a showdown between Granolah, Vegeta and Goku on the horizon. Here's a spoiler-filled recap of what happened.

At the start of Chapter 71, Whis asks Goku if he understands the difference between himself and the Angels. Goku initially remarks that he doesn't have a halo around his neck (though the frequently-dead Saiyan is no stranger to having a halo above his head). Annoyed at the Goku's response, Whis summons his staff, which hits Goku directly on the head.

Goku and Vegeta train in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71

Whis then explains that Angels "are always in the Ultra Instinct state," while Goku thinks that he needs to transform in order to access the power-up. "When your heart is calm," Whis explains, "your body should move on its own no matter what form you're in." After the Angel demonstrates this by doing some fancy tricks with his staff, G0ku discovers he'll need to learn how to access Ultra Instinct in a way that doesn't require a transformation, and thus any expenditure of power.

After Whis then immediately teases a transformation that does go alongside Ultra Instinct, the Angel remarks that Goku and Vegeta might not have much time to practice, as he senses something out of place happening in the universe. However, he's unsure if the disturbance -- obviously Granolah -- is friendly or hostile.

Back on Planet Cereal, Granolah endeavors to watch over Monaito, the world's last remaining Namekian, as he waits for word about Freeza from the Heeters. The Heeters, though, have their own plan. Instead of setting out in search of Freeza, whose location they already know, Elec asks Oil and Macki to visit Zuno, an essentially omniscient being with knowledge of the multiverse.

As the two prepare to convince Zuno to give them some undisclosed information, the immensely powerful Gas expresses frustration that he wasn't allowed to fight Granolah. Elec, though, explains, "Your moment to fight has yet to come. Listen, you're the only member of this family who can surpass Freeza himself." Although this indicates that Gas is nowhere near Granolah's level, Elec's claim does indicate that he's pretty close to Freeza, and that means Gas is startlingly powerful, which might just help the Heeters make their dream of ruling supreme over the galaxy possible.

On Zuno's planet, Macki refuses to kiss the lecherous being. In the end, though, she relents, and Zuno remarks that he likes "feisty women" and will thus answer ten questions from her. Just what they ask isn't clear at the time, but as Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 progresses it becomes clear that they receive information to help them pit Goku and Vegeta against Granolah and use the Dragon Balls.

Goku and Vegeta get symbols of Whis and Beerus in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71

As this is going on, Goku and Vegeta's training on Beerus' planet continues. While it's unclear just how long anything takes, there's something of a time skip, as the two Saiyans are more formidable than ever. Back on Earth, though, Macki and Oil approach Chi-Chi, who is in need of cash, and say they have a job for her husband. This results in Bulma calling up to Whis and the two heroes learn mission.

Essentially, the Heeters convince the Z-Fighters that Granolah is actually a villain and the strongest fighter in the universe, a detail that catches the attention of Goku, who is willing to risk the entirety of creation for a good fight. This also plays to Vegeta's desire not to be outdone. The two Saiyans thus prepare to travel to Earth. In response, Whis and Beerus give their students a symbol of the new techniques that they're wielding. Vegeta, for his part, gets one of Beerus' signature earrings, while Whis draws his symbol on Goku. Whis, for his part, believes that renewing their rivalry will help improve them both.

Granolah prepares to fight Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71

Back on Earth, Macki and Oil steal the Dragon Radar in the hopes of using it to collect the Dragon Balls on Planet Cereal -- which apparently do not turn to stone after being used. Although it's unclear what they'll wish for, Planet Cereal's version of the Dragon Balls seem just as capable of those from Earth and Namek, so the fact that they don't turn to stone could make them quite dangerous in the long run.

Soon, Goku and Vegeta arrive on Earth, where they meet Macki and Oil. After the two Heeters lie about Granolah and explain what a villainous person he is, the group heads out for Planet Cereal. Oil remarks that it'll take them 18 days to reach the world. True to character, Goku spends most of that time eating and Vegeta trains for the upcoming battle.

Finally, when the Heeters and Saiyans arrive on Planet Cereal, Macki tells Granolah that Freeza has sent two assassins after him. While Granolah is happy for the opportunity to beat up two of Freeza's goons, he's soon shocked to discover that they're actually Saiyans, who wiped out the Cerealians during their time under Freeza. As Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 draws to a close, Granolah prepares to get revenge against all of those who destroyed Planet Cereal. And no matter what happens next, Goku and Vegeta are in for the fight of their lives.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 releases May 20.

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