Dragon Ball Super Artist Draws New Super Hero Characters in Classic Style

Dragon Ball Super artist Toyotarou has released a new piece of art promoting Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The monochromatic new art was shared online by Twitter user and YouTuber DBSHype. The work depicts Pan, Gohan, and Piccolo and shows how the movie's two new antagonists, the android warriors Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, would look like if they ever appeared in the manga. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the first movie in the series to be entirely animated using CGI, so the new illustration gives fans another chance to see the new characters, as well as Gohan and Piccolo's new designs, depicted in a traditional, hand-drawn, 2D style.

The movie's producer, Akio Iyoku, previously confirmed that Super Hero will concentrate on Gohan and Piccolo as its main characters, and will explore the master/disciple relationship between the Namekian warrior and his original pupil. The movie is set several years after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and reveals that Pan, Gohan and Videl's daughter, has also started to receive martial arts training from Piccolo.

Promotions have continued on the Super Hero movie despite the fact that the film no longer has a release date: the new movie was one of the Toei Animation projects to be indefinitely delayed following a cyber attack against the company on March 6. According to Toei, an unauthorized outside party accessed its private servers, which caused a shutdown the company's network and delayed production on several of its biggest projects. In addition to Dragon Ball, the release of new episodes of the One Piece and Digimon: Ghost Game anime series have also been indefinitely postponed. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was originally scheduled to premiere in Japan on April 22, with a North American released planned for the summer. The studio has yet to announce a new premiere date for Dragon Ball, or when new episodes of the affected shows will begin airing once again.

Toyotarou, meanwhile, continues to work on the Dragon Ball Super manga, which is currently approaching the climax of the Granolah the Survivor saga. The most recent chapter of the manga was released on March 18, and the next installment is scheduled to drop on April 20, the same week that Super Hero was originally scheduled to premiere.

The Dragon Ball Super manga is available in English from VIZ Media. All of the classic Dragon Ball TV anime series, including Dragon Ball Super, are now available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source: Twitter

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