Dragon Ball Heroes’ Most Obvious Saiyan Fusion Could Have Saved Future Trunks’ Timeline – Sort Of

The non-canon video game and anime series Super Dragon Ball Heroes is full of funs twists on the enduring Dragon Ball franchise, blending elements across the entire history of Akira Toriyama's expansive story, including concepts and ideas from outside of the established continuity, like Dragon Ball GT. From combat transformations that fan-favorite characters never canonically received to previously unseen fusions, there is a lot of epic fan service in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, with one such fan dream-come-true being the introduction of the new warrior Gohanks -- a fusion between Goku and Vegeta's sons, Gohan and Trunks. And as Trunks receives a new fusion partner, it raises the question of whether Gohanks would have been capable of saving Future Trunks' timeline from disaster had appeared in the main canon.

Anime Dragon Ball Gohanks Fusion

Gohanks is a composite fighter formed by Gohan and Trunks performing the Fusion Dance together, the same method uses to form Gotenks and Gogeta in the main series. Gohanks made his debut in the 2016 video game Dragon Ball Fusions, with the game containing two variations of the character: Future Gohanks, formed by the adult Future Gohan and Future Trunks, and a child version known as EX Gohanks, formed by Kid Gohan and Kid Trunks. Super Dragon Ball Heroes introduces yet another version of Gohanks to the franchise, with Xeno Gohanks, a fused Super Saiyan formed by Xeno  Gohan and Xeno Trunks.

Of the three Gohanks, the EX variant appears to be the weakest while Xeno Gohanks is evidently the strongest, capable of transforming into a Super Saiyan 3. Dragon Ball Fusions similarly lists Future Gohanks as being more powerful than Future Androids 17 and 18, the relatively weaker androids from Future Trunks' timeline that devastated the world and slaughtered most of the Z Fighters. This suggests that, if Future Gohanks or Xeno Gohanks had fought the Future timeline's androids, they would have beaten them and saved the world from Dr.Gero's monsters. Similarly, since Future Trunks was able to defeat merged Zamasu in Dragon Ball Super with his Super Saiyan Rage form, Future and Xeno Gohanks would also be capable of triumphing over the evil god.

Anime Dragon Ball Heroes SS3 Gohanks

Of course, the Future timeline was doomed before a Gohanks fusion would have been theoretically possible. The world was devastated when Future Trunks was still just a baby, meaning, by the time he was old enough to fight, there wasn't much left to save. While Future Gohan survived to adulthood and became Trunks' martial arts mentor and best friend, he was tragically killed by the androids before Trunks could grow up and fuse with him -- the Fusion Dance requires both participants to be around the same size for the fusion to be successful.

The existence of Gohanks allows Super Dragon Ball Heroes to provide another what-if scenario with established characters in a fun, if non-canonical, way. The fused Super Saiyan would have easily destroyed Future Trunks' android enemies had they ever faced off but, given the timing of everything, logistically there was no way for it to happen. And, with Xeno Gohanks able to achieve one of Dragon Ball Z's most elusive Super Saiyan transformations, the future timeline androids would have never stood a chance.

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