Dragon Ball Heroes: 5 Great Villains to Come Out of the Miniseries

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a video game tie-in anime web series, unrestrained by canon or the limits of imagination. It's light on plot but heavy on fan-service. As a result, many people tend to not take it too seriously. However, it does introduce a number of unique villains, each one more stylish and cool than the last. While none are as legendary as Frieza, Cell or Buu, they are gradually becoming iconic in their own right. Which ones are the best?


The first major original antagonist in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Cumber is an unrestrained Saiyan. He's like Dragon Ball Z-era Broly on steroids. Locked away in a Prison Planet, Cumber is utterly driven by violent urges and cruelty. He just wants to fight everyone his eyes land on. Cumber is not a nuanced or complicated adversary, existing merely as the ultimate Evil Saiyan.

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Cumber serves as a major antagonist in the first two arcs of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, playing the pawn to both Fu and Hearts as part of their greater machinations. Cumber isn't a clever villain, but it's satisfying to see him get punched.

Kamin & Oren

Many Dragon Ball villains, from Baby to Dr. Lychee and Hatchiyack, are Tuffles, the former inhabitants of Planet Vegeta. Kamin and Oren, Hearts' servants, are among this number. These two are reoccurring adversaries throughout the Universal Conflict Saga. They stand up to Hit, take over Vegeta and cause a great deal of damage.

They become a greater threat when the two of them fuse together. This fusion forms Kamioren, a powerhouse character who overwhelms all in their path. This results in some of the most spectacular fights in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


The main antagonist of the Universal Conflict Saga and leader of the Core Area Warriors, Hearts is a villain with a lofty goal: he wants to kill all of the Gods. He manages to loop in villains like Zamatsu into his schemes, all in his efforts to obliterate the systems that control the Universes. To this end, he seeks the Universe Seed.

While he is a force of pure destruction, his motivation strangely makes sense, since he sees Zeno as a genuine threat to the sanctity of all life. Despite his understandable motivation, he is one of those adversaries who needs to be put down, for the sake of all reality.

Dr. W

Dr. W is Fu's right-hand man, a scientist capable of engineering the machinery of Hell. He helps restore a boosted reincarnation of Janemba, capable of standing up to the Time Patrol agents sent after him. Dr. W's origins and nature are shrouded in mystery, though his actions all seem directed to help create a new universe in order to bring Fu's plots to realization.

Rather than overwhelm his adversaries when pitted against Super Saiyan 4s, Dr. W assimilates their attacks and converts them into data, which he then uses to undermine his opponents with science. This makes Dr. W in essence a more sinister version of earlier evil Dragon Ball scientists like Gero and Myuu.


Fu may very well be the primary antagonist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. First appearing in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Fu is Dabura's successor as the Demon King but takes his position of power to new extremes. The entirety of Super Dragon Ball Heroes sees Fu plot to create a new universe, one where he rules as a God.

Every event in the series is thanks to Fu's machinations, in some form or another. Of course, Fu isn't just a strategist playing with cosmic forces. He can deal out damage to Super Saiyan Gods and Super Saiyan 4s across realities and time. Few villains have embarked on such ambitious goals as Fu.

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