Dragon Ball: Gohan’s Zodiac Sign & How It Predicts His Actions

It's very rare to find a character like Dragon Ball's Gohan, whose entire lifetime is carried out over the course of their series. Audiences first met the son of Goku as a timid and gentle boy with a fierce rage lurking beneath. Although he continued to grow stronger, Gohan continually found himself returning to a simple life of studies and family. When he finally became an adult, he put his all into his role as a husband and father.

While some fans have expressed their disappointment in his absence from the fighting world, Gohan's character arc reveals something essential about his identity. These traits are made all the more apparent when viewed through the lens of his astrological sign. Taking Gohan's official birthdate of May 18, here's a look at how his Zodiac symbol of Taurus matches his development as a person.

Gohan's Zodiac Symbol: Taurus

Gohan throughout the years in Dragon Ball Z

People born under the constellation Taurus are often considered to be some of the world's most down-to-earth people. They typically see things from a realistic perspective, proving themselves to be loyal and reliable in many circumstances. As a setback to their unwavering personalities, Tauruses are sensitive when it comes to their own way of living. They can be stubborn or resistant to criticism, and hate sudden changes above all else. These qualities are driven home by the fact that Taurus is the fixed earth sign, meaning that while they have the patience and determination to see their goals through, they are set in their ways and won't be turned from a cause when they dedicate themselves to it.

Undying Patience and Perseverance

Piccolo trains Gohan in Dragon Ball Z to fight the Saiyans

Gohan was still a toddler when he was thrust into a life of adversity. His father was killed and he was forced into training with Piccolo, who at the time was Goku's worst enemy. Nevertheless, he showed remarkable fortitude and tenacity, becoming stronger so that he could help defeat the Saiyans alongside Goku when he returned. He further displayed this focus and patience while waiting for Goku to arrive from Namek. Instead of wallowing in anticipation for his father's coming, Gohan focused on his studies and betterment of himself.

This ability to orient himself around the task at hand is one of Gohan's greatest strengths. Although he was surrounded by death and desolation at every step, his blessings from Taurus allowed him to keep a level head and train in hopes of being able to make a difference, bringing peace back to his life and the world.

Ferocious Outbursts

Gohan gets angry in Dragon Ball Z

While Gohan showed an ability to remain stable during tumultuous times, he displayed bull-like fury when his security and loved ones were harmed. He first exhibited this during Goku's fight with Raditz. After being kidnapped and seeing his father mercilessly assaulted, Gohan took on a state of frenzy to protect his life from being displaced. This made him strong enough to burst out of a Saiyan pod and go toe to toe with Raditz. Gohan poured out similar wrath in response to Krillin being impaled by Frieza, which led him to pummel the intergalactic warlord.

Of course, Gohan's most famous moment of indignation was his iconic achievement of Super Saiyan 2 to defeat Cell, who had caused Goku's demise, the decimation of the Z Fighters and the destruction of Android 16. All of these are examples of Gohan's extreme hatred and intense response toward anything that threatens the constancy of friends, family or life.

Devotion to Family and Career

Gohan with his wife Videl and daughter Pan in Dragon Ball Super

Despite constant interruptions from various world-threatening crises, Gohan continually returned to his studies between adventures to pursue his dreams of being a scholar, eventually achieving his longtime aspiration. After deciding to turn his attention to dating and then starting a married life with Videl, he harnessed his Taurus abilities of dependability to become the best dad he possibly could be. He even went so far as to request use of the Dragon Balls to cure his daughter Pan's sickness. His loyalty toward his loved ones, which he has expressed since childhood, is ultimately what drives him to return to fighting. Rather than a desire to be strong for strength's sake, Gohan fights to defend the life he knows and act as a reliable man to his family.

Admonishment in Complacency

Gohan became weak in Dragon Ball Super

Even though Gohan's most admirable quality is his commitment to family, he consequently allowed himself to get comfortable in mundane life, endangering his ability to keep up with the constant threats to the world. In Dragon Ball Super, a relapsed Gohan received a shock when he was unable to face Frieza. Afterward, he tried to train with Piccolo but was still incapable of setting aside his civilian life or pushing himself beyond his limits.

After Piccolo called him out on his attempts to simply jump back into action, Gohan was forced to take a hard look at himself. While his Taurus-like stubbornness left him believing he would always be able to find a way, even if he neglected training for a commonplace life, he realized that the only way to protect his stability was to change himself. From there, Gohan began working toward true strength, eventually unlocking his Mystic form. This profound power, coupled with his Taurus-given rationality and realism, is what made him the best candidate to be Universe 7's team leader in the Tournament of Power.

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