Dragon Ball Fans Discover an Animation Mistake in Decades-Old Episode

A Reddit user pointed out a very obvious animation mistake in a classic Dragon Ball Z episode and now some fans of the series are wondering how they ever missed it.

The mistake happens during an episode from the Namek Saga. In the first shot, Gohan and Krillin are shown wearing Frieza Force battle armor, which they wear for most of their time on Namek. But when the scene cuts to a different angle, Krillin is suddenly back in his bright orange Turtle School uniform for a single shot. Animation errors certainly aren't a rare occurrence in any of Dragon Ball's anime adaptations, as most anime series in general are made under tight budgets and even tighter deadlines, but many hardcore fans were amused to realize that in the decades since the episode's original release, they had never noticed the visual continuity error before it was pointed out to them.

Since its debut almost 40 years ago in 1984, Dragon Ball has become one of the most popular and iconic entertainment franchises to emerge out of Japan. The series was created by Akira Toriyama, who was already a well known for his Dr. Slump comedy series at the time of Dragon Ball's debut, and is now the third best-selling manga series of all time with a whopping 250 million copies in circulation worldwide. The series has been adapted into anime multiple times, the most popular of which was 1989's Dragon Ball Z, which has been credited with helping to establish anime's mainstream global popularity during the 1990s and early 2000s.

The series continues to this day with Dragon Ball Super, a new manga series that is set in the ten year gap that occurs after the defeat of Majin Buu and the original manga's finale. The series is written by Toriyama and is drawn by Toyotarou, a self-taught artist whom Toriyama has chosen as his official successor. The first arcs of the still on-going manga were adapted into a televised anime series that ran from 2015 - 2018; as with the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z series, the new show was animated by Toei Animation. The anime will continue with a new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which will be released sometime in 2022. The new movie will created using CG animation that attempts to recreate the hand-drawn look of Toriyama's manga and the earlier 2D animated features.

Source: Reddit

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