Dragon Ball Fan Art Presents an Impossible Fusion Fighter Team-Up

New Dragon Ball fan art offers a glimpse at what a Vegito and Gogeta team-up would look like.

Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball is a series that isn't afraid to break its own rules, so there's always the possibility that one day there will be a moment when both Vegito and Gogeta are somehow able to exist at the same time and fight side by side, but until that happens, fans should be more than satisfied with a new piece of fan art from Japanese artist and Dragon Ball super fan Ryuburera. The artwork features a spot-on recreation of Akira Toriyama's distinctive style and shows both fusion warriors standing back to back as they take their fighting poses.

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Ryuburera has amassed a substantial following on Instagram, where they post plenty of their Dragon Ball fan art on a regular basis. They have created fan art of characters from across Dragon Ball's almost forty year history, from classic characters such as Cooler and Buu, to new favorites like Caulifla and Zamasu. They also work in a variety of mediums, ranging from black-and-white pencil sketches to fully-colored digital paintings.

Despite what some more casual Dragon Ball fans may think, the two fusion warriors depicted in Ryuburera's art work are not the same: Vegito first appeared during Dragon Ball Z's Buu saga, when Goku and Vegeta used an artifact known as the Potara Earrings to fuse together into Vegito, that series' ultimate warrior. The notably different Gogeta form was introduced in the movie Fusion Reborn, and was created when Goku and Vegeta performed a fusion dance together, similar to the one than Goten and Trunks use to fuse into Gotenks. The Gogeta form reappeared again in the 2018 movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly. In addition to differences in how the fusions are created, the two forms have different limitations: the Vegito form can be undone if the fused warriors use up too much of their energy, while Gogeta allows unlimited access to all of Goku and Vegeta's combined power, but the transformation can only be maintained for just half-an-hour.

Those two fused warriors may never appear at the same time, but fans will nonetheless get to see plenty of Goku and Vegeta in 2022. The next movie in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is scheduled to debut in Japan on April 22. The series' producer has also teased that the movie won't be the only major Dragon Ball release in the year, which has led to speculation that the Dragon Ball Super anime series may also return in 2022.

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