Dragon Ball Anatomy: 5 Weird Secrets About Majin Buu’s Body

Few villains in Dragon Ball Z are as bizarre as Majin Buu, a cotton-candy being capable of twisting his flesh like it's a stretchy wad of bubblegum. He undergoes multiple forms by assimilating and purging entities from his system, resulting in shocking transformations. Viewers even get to see the inside of Buu's body when Vegito gets absorbed by him.

However, those are just the obvious elements of Majin Buu's biology. What are the stranger components to the pink villain's anatomy? Here are five hidden details that will have fans questioning everything they thought they knew about Buu.

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Buu's Clothing Is Made of His Own Flesh

Buu's flesh and his clothing are made of the same biological substance. Kid Buu was born with pants. Whenever he's damaged or injured, he regenerates not only his flesh but also his pants and jacket, when applicable. Even though it behaves like clothing, it regrows with the rest of him.

Furthermore, whenever Super Buu absorbs someone, he sprouts new clothing to match the new person consumed, which again, functions like his flesh. All of this indicates that Buu's entire mass is the same general substance that can imitate the texture and style of any other matter, which leads to other, more disturbing implications.

Buu Creates His Own Organs, But Doesn't Need Them

Buu's body doesn't seem to have organs that actually function as such. He can regenerate from a single cell, but each cell can act on its own when attacked. When Buu is dealt catastrophic head injuries, his body doesn't shut down because it lacks a functioning brain. Even when eating chocolate, while he tastes it, the food doesn't seem to necessarily go anywhere -- other than the organs Buu creates at a given moment.

Every cell acts independently of the other, not working connectively as a unit. However, Buu has internal organs -- which he creates himself -- but he doesn't need them to stay alive or function. The only organs that Buu needs to retain stability are the fleshy pods that contain characters, but these pods aren't even organs so much as newly grown containment cells, intended to keep characters dormant and under his control.

Buu Can Reproduce Asexually

Throughout the series, Buu makes duplicates of himself -- some of which are alternate versions while others are exact clones. It is uncertain how sentient the clones are. When Kid Buu is blown up, he creates several identical copies of himself that act in one coordinated manner. However, when Fat Majin Buu creates Evil Buu, the latter is an entirely different person with a far more raw, violent personality.

This indicates that Buu can normally clone himself by ripping his body into chunks, only for those chunks to heal. However, he can also duplicate himself under moments of extreme duress. Even more startling, multiple iterations of Buu can exist in conflict with one another. As we ultimately see with Uub as well, Buu can even be reborn as a different species, despite containing the same essence.

Fat Buu's Fat Isn't Really Fat

Majin Buu Versus Boxer - Dragon Ball Z

Despite being quite round and corpulent, Fat Buu's body doesn't really have an ounce of fat on it. As established, all of his body -- including his clothes -- is comprised of the same gum substance. Much like how Super Buu's physical form and clothes change when he absorbs targets, Fat Buu's body is round only to replicate the body of Grand Supreme Kai.

Buu's fat is not comprised of fat cells, but rather the same material as everything else in his body. Fat cells contain energy and are generated by stored calories. Buu's form doesn't have any of that. If he works out, he won't burn calories. He's shaped that way entirely because that's how his body manifests. This is also why he can shift his body into a thin, muscular form in Dragon Ball Super. He just needed to twist his bubble-gum flesh accordingly. Buu's form cannot be restricted to any physical shape.

Buu Was Alive (And Died) Before Being Born

Buu is far, far older than we ever imagined. In fact, it's possible that Buu is older than his very birth. While Bibidi gave Buu form, statements by Akira Toriyama in Saikyo Jump indicate that Buu had existed since "time immemorial" -- possibly even before Universe 7's existence. Buu would go through cycles of death and rebirth, all in different manifestations.

What Bibidi did was contain this primordial force of raw chaos into a loosely physical form. He gave Buu a cotton-candy body that required no organs, could reproduce asexually, morph itself through alternate personalities and personas, and coalesce itself back into a human form like Uub while simultaneously existing as Fat Buu. Majin Buu is a far more ancient being than the Buu as we know him. He is far more profound and eldritch than Goku and friends can even comprehend.

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