Dr. Stone: What Senku Ishigami’s MBTI Says About Him

Dr. Stone is a popular manga/anime series that fits into the ever-growing "edutainment" trend, a story that teaches fans and empowers them with knowledge of science, industry, art and more. In particular, Dr. Stone focuses on the STEM field since its hero, the brilliant Senku Ishigami, is all about engineering, chemistry and other hard sciences.

Senku is still a shonen hero at heart though, not the reclusive, eccentric Dr. Frankenstein type. He may be introverted and romantically clueless, but Senku wants to use his gifted mind and the power of science to protect and preserve humanity at any cost. Now in the New Stone Age, he has become a visionary of the future and a leader, which reflects in his MBTI personality type.

Senku Ishigami's MBTI Personality Type: ISTJ-A, The Logistician

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Senku's MBTI personality type is ISTJ-A, or the Logistician, with his code standing for Introverted Observant Thinking Judging Assertive. Always confident in who he is and what he can do, Senku rarely doubts himself or his accomplishments for long, which is what makes him the Assertive type. He will also admit when he's wrong, and is willing to cancel a project and rethink things when an invention or plan goes awry. For the most part though, Senku fearlessly forges ahead with his observant and thinking traits, helping to make him such an inspiring leader to the people of Ishigami village and later, the members of the former Empire of Might.

As expected, a Logistician like Dr. Stone's Senku is quite introverted, and while he's not a misanthrope or a cynic, he also derives little pleasure or meaning from deep personal connections or conversations. To him, science and action should do the talking, and others are there to help him gather raw materials or make copper wires, not discuss personal matters. Senku does care deeply for humanity and believes in other people's potential, but he won't deliver a heartfelt speech to that effect.

Logisticians like Senku are known for making few presumptions, instead closely observing the world around them to calculate the perfect plan to accomplish their goals, hence the Observant part of ISTJ. Practicality, rationality and function mean a lot to Senku, who won't believe anything until he sees it for himself. For the Dr. Stone protagonist, hard evidence and concrete observations are superior to daydreams and fanciful thinking.

ISTJs take pride in efficiency, purpose and integrity, and they vow to see a project through to the end, no matter the challenge. Logisticians like Senku can quickly earn a co-worker's trust and admiration by never failing to live up to their promises, and are also strong-willed and determined. Senku may be physically weak, but he is by far Dr. Stone's strongest character mentally, and would become Employee of the Month 12 times a year at a 21st-century workplace. ISTJs can be a bit too stubborn or insensitive for their own good, though.

Senku Ishigami As A Logistician In. Dr. Stone

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Senku has been a model Logistician ever since Dr. Stone's story started, including flashbacks to his boyhood. As a child he had few friends, instead studying diligently to familiarize himself with many different fields of science and tinkering with all sorts of machinery in his bedroom. These were his reckless trial and error days when, as a true ISTJ, he diligently tested one rocket or contraption after another, returning to the drawing board again and again until he achieved the desired results. To Senku, no experiment is complete until he has a working model to show for it.

Now in the New Stone Age -- 3,700 years later -- Senku employs both the logical part of his ISTJ personality and the calm rationality he needs to think his way out of challenges. Logisticians are known for keeping their cool and staying grounded in rationality, and sure enough, Senku rarely panics or doubts himself when challenges such as Tsukasa Shishio, Hyoga the spearman or even Magma confront him. Senku thrives on these challenges, understanding he and his knowledge will grow after overcoming obstacles. He often adapts to unexpected problems and issues during a mission in Dr. Stone, such as when Chrome got himself captured by the Empire of Might -- Senku fashioned a steam tank armed with a cannon to free him.

Senku is brutally honest in Dr. Stone but it's always for the benefit of others, and to give everyone a clear grasp of the problem at hand before proceeding. For example, he didn't hesitate to explain how tricky and time-consuming it would be to make the sulfa drug to cure Ruri's illness. As the anime goes on, Senku's MBTI will no doubt continue to tell Dr. Stone fans plenty more about him.

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