Dr. Stone: Tsukasa’s Empire of Might May Be Failing Already

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 5 of Dr. Stone, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Dr. Stone, Tsukasa's Empire of Might stands in opposition to Senku's Kingdom of Science. As of Season 2, Episode 5, Tsukasa has laid out some major traps for Senku. However, while Senku might be in trouble now, it's Tsukasa who's truly caught in a deadly trap of his own making.

The Empire of Might operates on a philosophy of survival of the fittest, but this foundation paradoxically makes Tsukasa's empire unfit for long-term success.

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The Rules Of Tsukasa's Empire

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Tsukasa came from the 21st century, so he knows what runaway technology can do and the kind of horrors it can inflict on the world in the wrong hands. Tsukasa is also convinced that corrupt adults, such as politicians, crooked judges and shady cops, were to blame for most of society's ills, and the rigid, endlessly complex laws of man cannot fix the problem. In the new stone age, Tsukasa is taking advantage of the slate being wiped clean and has resolved to only allow "pure" youths to be reborn from the stone. Mankind's courts and governments are gone, and they never had pure justice anyway; now, natural law is taking over, and might makes right.

To that effect, Tsukasa created an empire where no one is voted into office, and no one can create their own laws or hoard all resources. Instead, natural balance and interconnectedness keep everything in check, and anyone who is strong enough to become a leader has earned that right until someone even stronger comes along. Tsukasa's group is more like a pack of wolves than anything, and that means zero corruption. However, this libertarian society's many freedoms can be a liability too. If a group of empire citizens decides to rebel and take over, then the only outcomes are either war or division. If groups keep fracturing, then the Empire is no more.

Humanity will go nowhere like that, and at best, Tsukasa would rule just one of the many roving bands. He's a respected leader, but that's not enough to create a viable future for humanity when compared to the visionary Senku. Tsukasa's position of power is far from invincible, and recent developments in Dr. Stone suggest that the Empire is already breaking apart.

Tsukasa's Minions Carve Their Own Paths

Tsukasa's attitude demands that everyone in his Empire act and think for themselves, and while his subjects enjoy this autonomy, such freedom invites other possibilities that go against Tsukasa's best interests. Nikki, a tough young woman in the Empire, met Taiju and Yuzuhira and heard Lilian Weinberg's song through Senku's primitive cell phone. Nikki was hostile at first, but Lilian's recorded song brought her to tears, bringing back many happy memories from Nikki's otherwise difficult life. With Senku's slick promises and the emotional impact of Lilian's song, Nikki agreed to fight for the Kingdom of Science, and turn against her thuggish fellows in the Empire. Tsukasa gave Nikki natural freedom, but little more than that.

Now, as Senku is working hard to build a steam-powered car to rescue the imprisoned Chrome, another member of the Empire seems to be plotting against Tsukasa the pack alpha. Ukyo, a young man with incredible hearing and a bow, is more than he seems, and he's already protecting Senku from Tsukasa's wrath. Chrome had arrived in Empire territory with Gen and Magma, as Ukyo saw, but Ukyo lied to Tsukasa and Hyoga, reporting that Chrome had arrived alone. Chrome doesn't yet know what Ukyo's game is, but this development may be just what Senku needs to maintain the element of surprise against Tsukasa.

Nikki is risking her life to take the thuggish Tsukasa down, and at this rate, Ukyo will do the same. Tsukasa might not see it coming, and even if he does, can he handle two powerhouse traitors and Senku's mad science all at once? He may have finally met his match, all because he thinks that might makes right.

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