Dr. Stone: The Power of Music Wins Senku a New Ally Inside Tsukasa’s Empire

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3 of Dr. Stone, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In Dr. Stone, Senku’s plan to turn members of Tsukasa’s army against the empire is a high-risk situation. If successful, it will yield an incredible reward, while still not denying the consequences of the risk involved. He and Gen hatched the scheme to convince the unpetrified population that Lillian Weinberg, renowned songstress, is still alive and America is thriving. The hope is this lie will motivate members to defect from Tsukasa.

After Taiju and Yuzuriha retrieve the cell phone, Senku finally has the opportunity to enact his master plan in Episode 2 of Season 2. Things do not go accordingly. However, while the plan fails in a practical sense, Senku does yield a positive result -- making a new ally.

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When Taiju pulled the cell phone from the ground underneath Senku’s gravesite in the season premiere, he and Yuzuriha were being watched by Nikki, a guard assigned to them by Tsukasa. The three friends had an emotional exchange over the phone, but Nikki was unaware of the communication device as it was hidden from her perspective. After the reunion, Senku doesn’t clue Taiju in on the scheme in Episode 2, but he does request that Taiju find someone and show them the technology immediately. After confirming that this course of action is the best way to avoid bloodshed, that’s exactly what Taiju does.

He and Yuzuriha approach a reluctant and serious Nikki, who has no patience for discussion and assaults Taiju. But his determination and thick-headed demeanor lead to her finally seeing the cell phone. From there, it's showtime for Senku and Gen. Gen does his best Lillian impression, only to find out he’s talking to a Lillian Weinberg super fan. Nikki is enamored by Lillian. She even claims to have been saved by her performances.

This throws a huge wrench in Senku’s efforts. Nikki even knows that this could all be a trick, and starts asking questions that only Lillian would know, such as how many CDs has Lillian sold, which Senku miraculously answers correctly with some incredibly quick arithmetic. Nikki also asks for Lillian’s measurements, making it clear that if this is a trick, someone will die. Senku confesses, but not before playing Lillian’s song for Nikki.

She's overcome with emotion and Senku vows to protect the record. The music is so moving, in fact, that she agrees to join Senku and help him against Tsukasa. While Senku is all about science, this sequence also points to another crucial aspect of the society Senku wants to return to the world. Yet again, the arts have emboldened another spirit in the new stone age. Senku will tell you that it’s all because of science, and he’s not entirely wrong. Regardless, the relationship between the two cannot be understated as science and technology broaden the reach and serve as the foundation for creation.

Senku does not plan on giving up. He intends to continue forward with the plan to trick Tsukasa’s empire in Dr. Stone Season 2. With Nikki on his side, Senku has managed to gain another ally inside the Empire. Not only that but going forward, having a super-fan will help with the Lillian ruse.

Although the plan didn’t really work as intended, this is more than a momentary win for Senku and the Kingdom of Science. The Stone Wars arc seems like it’s going to rely on Lillian’s song a lot, and Dr. Stone isn’t afraid to show just how important music can be.

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