Dr. Stone: Science Helps, But Gen Is Senku’s Actual Secret Weapon

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 1 of Dr. Stone, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It's 3,700 years in the future, and all of humanity's great achievements have been reduced to dust and a new Stone Age has begun. Senku Ishigami is determined to use the incredible power of science and technology to restore the lost world, but he needs some help, and not just from scientists or engineers.

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Senku's most important ally at the moment is Gen Asagiri, a mentalist and magician. Let's take a look at how he's helped the Kingdom of Science throughout Season 1 and in the Season 2 premiere.

When Gen Held Off Magma's Team On The Bridge

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The first time Gen saved the day against Magma when Magma led a small team across the Ishigami Village bridge to confront Senku's own team one rainy afternoon. A thunderstorm was brewing, and Gen used this terrifying setting to his advantage. He alone stood before Magma's team on that rickety bridge, and he revealed some lovely flowers from his fingers, capturing Magma's attention.

With some deft movements, Gen hid the flowers behind his hands in the blink of an eye, then brought them back, convincing Magma that Gen could use magic. Gen also threatened to bring down the thunder's fury on Magma's team next, and Magma, who was unsure what to make of this, decided to back off. Gen bought Senku some much-needed time, all with some flowers and threatening words.

When Gen Threatened To Blow Up Magma's Heart

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In the tournament for village leadership, the mighty Magma was expectedly in the lead, pummeling poor Chrome in their duel. Fortunately, Chrome had an edge, using Suika's glasses to focus light and try to set Magma's clothes on fire. To buy Chrome some much-needed time, Gen arrived and scattered petals all over Magma, then made some fancy hand motions and gave Magma a dire but fake warning.

If Magma made a single move, his heart would explode from Gen's curse, and Magma wasn't about to risk it. Gen sold it even more by pretending to concentrate on his curse energy, and he claimed that he could only hold the curse for another minute or so. As hoped, Chrome used that time to finally set Magma's pant leg on fire, and he won the match, all thanks to Gen.

When Gen Lied To Tsukasa About Senku

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This was a critical point in Gen's mission. Should he side with Tsukasa to enjoy freedom and protection in the Empire of Might, or should he invest in the future with Senku and hope that science could win out? Gen was swayed when Senku promised him a cold bottle of cola, of all things, and Gen headed for Tsukasa's HQ with his mind made up. Tsukasa asked him all the all-important question: is Senku really dead? Gen waited for a tense moment before answering yes, Senku is definitely dead and gone.

This bought Senku all kinds of time while Gen was still on good terms with both sides of the pending Stone Wars. Tsukasa was far less likely to find Senku if Tsukasa is not actually searching for him, and once again, Gen's mental tricks and excellent acting skills gave Senku the breathing room he needed to make progress. If Gen had told the truth or told his lie unconvincingly, Tsukasa would have attacked the Kingdom of Science at once, and Senku would have stood no chance, especially since Tsukasa had some new elite minions on his side.

When Gen Agreed To Mimic Lillian's Voice

This is Gen's latest and craftiest scheme so far. He was there when Senku built a working gramophone to hear the glass recordings that Byakuya Ishigami had left behind, and the record included a song sung by Lillian herself. Gen now had a sample of Lillian's voice, and Senku planned to play Lillian's music for the members of the Empire of Might. In the Season 2 premiere, Senku and Gen want to play the song to Tsukasa's allies, and then Gen will mimic Lillian's voice and claim that she is part of an American relief force that is arriving from overseas.

According to this message, the United States has already recovered from the petrification wave, and the fully-restored U.S.A. will rescue all of Japan's survivors and return them to modernity. If Tsukasa's minions believe this, then they should be eager to return to a modern world of fast food, plastic, electronics, medicine and more. What do they need flint spears and animal skins for, if their old world has returned and is beckoning? If all goes according to plan, Tsukasa's entire army will ditch him, and that will give Senku his chance to capture Tsukasa once and for all. It's all up to Gen now.

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