Dr. Stone Kicks Off The Stone Wars Early With a Surprise Bonus Episode

Crunchyroll has released a special episode of the ongoing series Dr. Stone that serves as both a recap episode and a preview of the next season, about three months before Season 2 of the anime begins next January. The episode titled, "Stone Wars Eve of the Battle Special Feature," was first released earlier this month for the Jump Special Anime Festa in Japan, and is now available on the streaming service's YouTube account.

Senku Ishigami, the founder of the Kingdom of Science, has come a long way since he broke free of petrification in that cave but his greatest battles still lay ahead in the form of the previously teased Stone Wars. The Empire of Might wants to tear down everything Senku has accomplished, promising a final battle of science vs. natural power for the future of the new stone age.

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Dr. Stone: The Story So Far

By the end of Season 1, Senku established himself as the new chief of Ishigami village, the legacy of Byakuya Ishigami, his father, from a bygone era. In the bonus episode, Ruri, the previous chief's daughter, is in good health and asks Senku to review what has happened up to this point. In the span of a year or so, Senku has gone from a lone hunter-gatherer to the man who brought electricity back to the world, and he only came this far because of his loyal friends. Senku also faced an ideological foe in Tsukasa, the muscle-bound young man who scorned the rotten side of human civilization and wanted to restore humanity to a state of natural law and instinct, free of corruption and oppression. But Senku isn't backing down. He has been reinventing everything from wheels and pulleys to gas masks and glassware to restore civilization, and he aims to bring all of humanity back from petrification one day.

But a battle is brewing. Tsukasa's Empire of Might boasts many powerful members who want to see Senku fail, and Gen, a defector from Tsukasa's side, warns of an invasion when the spring thaw comes. Senku is arming the villagers with swords, gunpowder and more for the coming conflict, and he is confident that victory will be his if everyone can do their part. Together, they can restore the world, and Senku will be there to dream big and draw the blueprints for the future.

Senku Vs. Homura, The Acrobat

senku tackling homura

The last few minutes of the new episode bring all-new material -- and all-new inventions -- just in time for the first clashes with Tsukasa's army of thugs. It's still winter, and Tsukasa's top scout, an acrobatic girl named Homura, is closely watching Ishigami village, ready to report back with news on Senku's progress. Senku knows this, and he's ready to make a pre-emptive move, claiming the element of surprise. His side has invented primitive cell phones/walkie talkies by now, and with them, they can coordinate multiple combat teams to destabilize Tsukasa's empire and keep it off-balance. For now, Senku needs intel, and he personally takes the fight to Homura as she leaps through the trees to evade the pursuing Kohaku.

Senku unleashes a new invention, a flash-bang grenade. It blinds Homura long enough for Senku to tackle her to the snow, and he sneakily applies a chemical to her shoes so she'll leave a clear trail anywhere she goes. Homura quickly breaks free and leaps away, but this is where Senku's second invention comes into play. It didn't matter if Homura escaped; Senku needed her to head back to Tsukasa's camp so he can follow her trail. He breaks out his second new gadget, a black light that clearly illuminates Homura's footsteps. Now, Senku is ready to begin his counterstrike in earnest, and the power of science will give him tools that Tsukasa's stone age-era warriors could never dream of.

"Stone Wars Eve of the Battle Special Feature" is available to watch now on Crunchyroll's YouTube account.

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