DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s Shocking Season 1 Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood, now streaming on Netflix.

The first season of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood is filled with many twists and turns as the Dragon Knight, Davion, as well as Princess Mirana, Marci and Fymryn all try to unite the rogue Coedwig army with the goddess, Selemene, of the Dark Moon Order.

The first season ends with her magic lotuses Fymryn stole returned to her. Fymryn took them in the hope that it'd bring Mene, the goddess that Selemene allegedly usurped, back to power. But in the end, she and her new crew become concerned only with brokering peace. Unfortunately, their actions instead trigger a new war filled with betrayals, resulting in a demonic threat gaining a massive victory. With that in mind, let's dissect the shocking finale.

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When Mirana convinces Luna to offer the lotuses back to Selemene, something goes terribly wrong. They can't feel the goddess' power anymore, which riles Luna. This leads to the rogue elves and Luna's army to fight yet again, thinking each has double-crossed the other. Mirana's caught in the middle, but luckily, Davion comes back to help her.

Sadly, Fymryn decides she's had enough of the Dark Moon warriors and the genocide they've committed against those who didn't worship Selemene. It results in her using her teleportation and super-speed to cut Luna up. Fymryn leaves the war general bleeding out, thinking she's gained revenge for Luna slaughtering her family days before for the theft of Selemene's lotuses. However, Mirana finds Luna after the attack and starts nursing her back to health. Both ponder the future of their clan now that they can't sense their leader.


Davion loves Mirana so he stops at nothing to protect her. During the final battle, he ends up pulling off the dragon's fang chain that the mage, AKA the Invoker, gave to him, turning into his human-dragon hybrid form. Harnessing the power of the Ember Eldwyrm, the fire dragon known as Slyrak, he mauls soldiers from both sides of the fence. However, as the battle quells, he's ambushed by dragon hunters led by his former mentor, Kaden.

The leader uses gas to knock the beast out, bringing Davion back to his human form. With the fight over, they throw him on a horse to take him back to the Dragon Hold, where Kaden seems to want to separate him from the beast. Bram, Davion's squire, is there to oversee things, hopeful they can save the warrior. Keen to aid him, Fymryn gives chase, grabbing the chain as she might need to free Davion again. But she leaves her magical coin behind that connects her to the Invoker.


The Invoker is at the center of everything in the Dragon's Blood Season 1 finale. He initially mentored Davion's team, giving them weapons and encouraging them to give the lotuses back as they empower Selemene. However, what they didn't know was that he corrupted the flowers, and thanks to his magic, Selemene is weakened when she comes back into contact with them. His coup de grace comes when his deceitful spell transforms one of Selemene's priestesses into the demon Terrorblade, who wants the goddess dead.

The Invoker secretly struck a deal with him, promising the rest of the souls of the great dragons so he can remake reality -- so long as Terrorblade takes Selemene out. The big twist is that the Invoker was Selemene's former lover, but because their sick daughter Filomena didn't worship and revere her, Selemene let her die of an incurable terminal illness. Since then, the Invoker has been in hiding, plotting to strike back. He finally got the chance when Mirana inadvertently brought him a special trinket connected to Terrorblade, and Fymryn brought the lotuses. It was him who set up the myth about Mene centuries before, all so he could poison the flowers and enact this plan.

The Season 1 finale leaves Terrorblade standing over a wounded Selemene after beating her down, gloating that most of her forces are decimated. Proceedings then transition to the Invoker over her, offering her this iconic line: "Do you love me?" which is what she taunted their daughter with; all to let his ex know he's the god now, and her kingdom has fallen.

Ashley Edward Miller serves as showrunner and executive producer of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, with animation by MIR and Ryu Ki Hyun as co-executive producers. The eight episodes of Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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