DOTA: Dragon’s Blood – Who Is the Sage and What Is His Endgame?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood, now streaming on Netflix.

In the first season of Netflix's DOTA: Dragon's Blood, there are some interesting twists that occur as Davion, the Dragon Knight, realizes he has a higher calling. His quest is intertwined into the fates of various people he encounters: Princess Mirana and her aide, Marci, from the Nightsilver Woods, as well as Fymryn, a young elf that hates the Dark Moon Order.

However, the biggest shock of all comes with someone they were supposed to trust and who they thought would help them bring peace to the land: the Sage known as the Invoker.

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Who Is the Sage?

Fymryn is angry her elves were cast out by the Dark Moon Order, which is led by the arrogant moon goddess, Selemene. Legend has it Selemene usurped the throne from Mene, the light goddess that the elves believe in, and who Fymryn wants to restore so her clan can be welcomed back in from exile and attain their rightful place in the enchanted order.

She's followed a myth religiously for years that if she steals the lotus flowers from Selemene's castle and takes it to a Sage, they'll be able to strip her of her power and restore Mene. When she gets there, this Sage is revealed to be the Invoker, someone who saves her from death at the hands of Luna, Selemene's war general.

Why Did the Sage Turn?

Eventually, a trinket brings Mirana, Marci and Davion to the Invoker, almost causing a civil war as Mirana left Selemene, ashamed she couldn't protect the flowers. The Invoker, however, sets them all straight, helping Davion with his dragon form and helping Fymryn hone her powers. He wants them to be a strong fellowship so they can return the flowers and make peace with Selemene to stop Luna and her legion.

This is a ruse, though, because he's poisoned the flowers after brokering a deal with the demon, Terrorblade. The Invoker has to deliver the demon the great dragon souls in exchange for Terrorblade destroying Selemene's kingdom. It turns out the Invoker's actually Selemene's husband, who left her when she became drunk with power. She refused to cure their sick daughter, Filomena, after the girl didn't want to revere her, and after she died, the Sage began plotting revenge. The myth about Mene was all his doing so someone could bring the flowers to him.

The Sage doesn't care at all about the war in the Enclave between elves or Selemene's followers. The series ends with him standing over a defeated Selemene, asking if she loves him, insulting her as this is what she told people she cast out, like her child. However, the that fact he doesn't kill her says a lot.

He hinted to Fymryn in the past that the seven heavens and hells have mysterious power that could be unlocked. Along with the eight dragon souls for Terrorblade, that is, "the pillars of creation," he could use Terrorblade to tinker with reality and resurrect Filomena. It looks like Selemene is going to be used for this process so, unless she repents, it looks like the Invoker is willing to sacrifice everything to get his child back.

Davion (who has the great dragon Slyrak bonded to him) will be a target, which will encourage Fymryn to fight for her friend. She'll surely want revenge of her own after this betrayal as she thought the Sage was a mentor. Mirana and Luna will also want him dead as his lie has cost many lives across all sides, but to the Sage, it's all worth it.

Ashley Edward Miller serves as showrunner and executive producer of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, with animation by MIR and Ryu Ki Hyun as co-executive producer. The eight episodes of Season 1 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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