DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Book 2’s Release Date, Trailer, Plot & Book 1 Recap

In Book 1 of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Davion and his fellowship ran into betrayal and massive problems as they uncovered a conspiracy tied to the Invoker and the Dark Moon Order. They thought he was helping them in the war against the evil goddess, Selemene, but it turns out he had apocalyptic plans of his own to remake reality with the demon, Terrorblade. With Book 2 out later this month, here's a breakdown of what's happened so far and key information as the journey continues.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood: The Story So Far

Multiple storylines intersected in this adaption of the DOTA 2 video game, but the main one revolved around the Invoker using Davion's crew as pawns to exact revenge on Selemene, his former wife. He seeded out a myth about a moon goddess tied to the light, Mene, which got elves like Fymryn obsessed with bringing Selemene's lotus flowers (her source of power) to him so they could bring her back.

It led to him poisoning the flowers, duping Princess Mirana and Marci to take the flowers back to their wicked queen, only for the gift to open up a portal to a Multiversal hell. This allowed Terrorblade to arrive as part of a pact made where the Invoker would offer him the souls of the eight Great Dragons in exchange for the chance to end Selemene's reign. Terrorblade would get to remake reality in his hellish image while the Invoker would make his ex pay for abandoning their sick daughter, Filomena, to die after the girl didn't want to worship her.

Fymryn ended DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 1 by trying to find Davion who was bonded to the Great Dragon, Slyrak, and kidnapped by his own cadre of Dragon Hunters for an exorcism. She knew he still has a major part to play in stopping Terrorblade, especially as the Invoker would need the beast's soul as part of his sinister deal.

The elven civil war also broke out as both factions clashed over their goddesses, with Mirana and an injured Luna forced to accept how they were used in the battle between former lovers. They were left pondering how to make the Dark Moon Order something better now that Terrorblade and Invoker held Selemene hostage.

DOTA: Dragon's Blood: Book 2 Trailer & Release Date

From the latest trailer, Book 2 of DOTA: Dragon's Blood is going to be as action-packed as expected. Mirana has taken over Selemene's cult and is trying to redeem their army, working with humans and other creatures to form an alliance as she knows the danger coming. However, it's understandable no one trusts them after all the blood spilled due to their religious obsession.

The trailer also has Davion training under Kaden and begging his hunters to partner with the dragons for the greater good. Fymryn and Bram, his closest friend, are with Davion so it's going to come down to whether his father-like mentor, Kaden, believes in the mission. There will be drama that could scupper things as Davion is also wrestling with the beast inside, perhaps wondering if Slyrak was using him all along -- even before they met.

Lastly, the Invoker is found collecting more dragon souls and trying to rally an army of smaller dragons to Terrorblade's cause. Many suspect he wants the demon to bring his daughter back to life, ergo why he's keeping Selemene alive and taunting her. But Terrorblade can't be trusted either, which is why when Invoker is seen raising the Great Dragon of Chaos, Vahdrak, it's uncertain if it's for the boss to use, or to betray Terrorblade.

Either way, Season 2 of DOTA: Dragon's Blood is going to up the ante in terms of war and truly test whether these various groups can trust each other. It is slated for release on January 18 on Netflix, with fans eager to see how all these forces collide to shape the final fate of a broken realm.

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