Doron Dororon’s Latest Chapter Hints at a Main Character’s Hidden Power

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 8, "Friends," by Gen Oosuka, Camellia Nieh, and Phil Christie, available in English from Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Doron Dororon's main character, Dora, has been introduced as someone without the slightest hint of supernatural energy, but Chapter 8 suggests a hidden power sleeping inside him. Introducing Dora as a muscle buff who can only fight Mononoke using his immense physical strength and Kusanagi -- a trait that resembles that of Black Clover's Asta -- the manga made the readers believe that Dora's combat prowess was heavily dependent on Kusanagi's shapeshifting ability. However, the latest chapter of the series reveals a potential trump card residing in Dora's body all along.

After meeting the Mononoke who took his mother's life, Dora went berserk and mindlessly attacked it. However, a reckless flurry of attacks wasn't able to deal even slight damage to it. The Mononoke knocked Dora down and proceeded to search for prey. Meanwhile, Kusanagi refused to follow Dora's rage-fueled actions and talked some sense into him.

Just as the Mononoke was going to feast on its first prey, Ginchiyo arrived in the nick of time and saved her. The Mononoke's attention shifted towards her and proceeded to attack her using its needles. One needle hit the Samurai's leg, paralyzing her in midair. The Mononoke took that opportunity to lunge at her, but Dora and Kusanagi arrived just in time to save Ginchiyo. The duo asked for the Samurai's participation and told her their plan.

Dora and Kusanagi asked Ginchiyo to be bait, so the Mononoke would shoot its needles. Kusanagi then explained that the center of its pin cushion shrinks after shooting, exposing an opportunity to strike. Ginchiyo refuted this by saying that a single graze from the needle could leave them paralyzed for one week, but Dora countered and told her he got cut but wasn't affected. Kusanagi backed him up, adding that the needle's supernatural energy dissipated upon entering Dora's body.

Dora may have quickly dismissed the idea by assuming he gained immunity after getting hit the year prior, but Kusanagi's explanation posits other possibilities. One probable explanation for Dora's lack of supernatural energy is having a body that can nullify supernatural energy. That would justify the nullification of the Mononoke's paralyzing needles. If that is true, then Dora's nullification should only work within his body as he could wield Kusanagi without any problems.

Another possibility is Dora having the ability to manipulate external supernatural energy. Even though he may not be able to produce supernatural energy, he may be able to reduce or amplify the supernatural energy in his environment. Kusanagi's overwhelming amount of supernatural energy as Dora's feelings intensified shown at the end of the chapter may be another proof of this. Of course, there is also a good chance that the said outburst was solely Kusanagi's doing.

Dora's lack of supernatural ability disallowed him from becoming a Samurai, but the recent developments in the manga are suggesting a dormant power lying inside him. However, this purely remains as speculation as of the moment. Fans will have to stay tuned on the future updates of Doron Dororon to confirm or debunk the possibility of Dora's hidden power.

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