Doron Dororon’s Cutest Monster Has Better Resolve Than Platinum End’s Mirai

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 5, "Cooperation," by Gen Oosuka, Camellia Nieh and Phil Christie, available in English at Viz and Manga Plus.

Doron Dororon is about exterminating man-eating monsters, while Platinum End is about selecting the next supreme being. The two series are very distinct from each other, be it in lore, characters or plot. Fans of the latter haven't been very delighted regarding the main character's actions and decisions. Interestingly, an unsuspecting character from Doron Dororon may hold some relief to this frustration.

Platinum End's plot revolves around a competition to choose the next individual to become God. Angels are given the liberty and privilege to select the candidates, granting them a few tools. Depending on the angel's rank, the candidate may be given wings, red arrows and white arrows to aid them in their mission -- killing the other candidates. Kakehashi Mirai was selected by his angel Nesse in the middle of a suicide attempt. As such, he found a new goal in life -- finding human happiness. Such a goal is in no way wrong, but fans aren't overjoyed about how he tries to realize it. Mirai abhors the idea of hurting, let alone killing, another human, even if the lives of people precious to him are in danger.

Kusanagi saying its aim in Doron Dororon

In Chapter 5 of Doron Dororon, Ginchiyo summoned Dora and Kusanagi to her residence. There she asked the two, especially the Mononoke, of their motivations. Kusanagi explained that Mononoke have extreme desires and stopping them by talking was simply impossible. The poor Mononoke continued to say that it lost its first human friend after another Mononoke devoured them. Kusanagi felt deeply saddened about such a loss, and it believed that no other individual must experience such sadness. It therefore took it upon itself to exterminate every single bad Mononoke. Dora later added that he also shared the Mononoke's sentiments.

Dora and Kusanagi basically have the same desire as Mirai. All of them want a happier world, yet their approaches are distinctly dissimilar. Mirai can't find it in himself to cause any harm to anybody. Unfortunately, this doesn't change even if the people dear to him are put in danger. Conversely, the cute Mononoke immediately resolved itself to fight its own kind the first instance it lost the person closest to it. This is despite the fact that it hasn't met Dora yet and doesn't possess even a quarter of the strength its more aggressive kind has.

mirai upset

Mirai's pacifistic attitude has become a cause of concern to the series' fans, enough for some to consider dropping the title. His no-violence rule comes off as naive and frustrating instead of inspiring. Meanwhile, Kusanagi's determination offers a refreshing take on the matter. There is no hesitation, moral struggle or unnecessary complexity. Perhaps Doron Dororon's cute Mononoke's simple solution to achieve a happier world may finally provide what Platinum End fans have been asking from Mirai since day one.

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