Doron Dororon’s Biggest Threats Reveal Their Evil Plan

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 14, "Plot," by Gen Oosuka, Camellia Nieh and Phil Christie, available in English at Viz and Manga Plus.

Dora and Kusanagi have begun their journey to become proper Samurai, but the biggest threats in Doron Dororon are not just going to wait for their power to skyrocket and eliminate them. The monsters in this manga, also known as the Mononoke, are portrayed as the story's evil force that must be eradicated. However, it's later revealed that like many shonen titles featuring evil monsters, the humanoid version of the Mononoke is the real threat -- and they are now convening to put their heinous plan into action.

The humanoid Mononoke is first introduced during Hanya Gyuuki's rampage. Back then, Dora and Kusanagi were fighting the rampaging monster with the help of Ginchiyo, who acted as bait and helped the duo to reach the Mononoke without obstruction. Mustering all their strength, they ultimately managed to cut the towering monster -- but to their surprise, a humanoid Mononoke broke out of Hanya Gyuuki's body.

Hidehisa in Doron Dororon

In Chapter 14 of Doron Dororon, the villainous Hidehisa finally rendezvoused with two more humanoid Mononoke, giving readers a first look at this mysterious new threat. He's greeted by a playful Mononoke named Yosihime and a drunkard of a Mononoke called Tameemon, and after some bickering the trio turned their attention toward their human hostages. Hidehisa massacred them in an attempt to quell his anger; this enraged Tameemon who had lost his desired snack, but their feud quickly ended as another humanoid Mononoke appeared.

The new, slit-eyed Mononoke named Kanbeh warned them that causing any more noise may alert the Samurai of their location. Kanbeh proceeded to probe Hidehisa's fight with Heisuke Ujii and reminded the others of the threat the Samurai officers pose. It's further revealed that the Samurai HQ currently houses seven officers, and the Mononoke are planning to lure them out one by one to eliminate them. Interestingly, they are supposedly doing this for the sake of justice.

Kanbeh revealing the plan in Doron Dororon

Chapter 14 has introduced probably the biggest threat so far in Doron Dororon, especially since it's already known that Hidehisa can casually exchange blows with a Samurai officer. Now that there are three more humanoid Mononoke who presumably have similar strength to Hidehisa, they are likely going to give Dora and Kusanagi a fair amount of trouble. However, Chapter 14 also expounds on the Samurai officers with the news that there are at least seven of them.

Despite Doron Dororon still being in its initial stages where worldbuilding is essential, the manga is dropping one big revelation after another. Now that the real threats are introduced just as Dora and Kusanagi are improving at a rapid pace, readers may see a big fight between these two factions soon.

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