Doron Dororon Reveals Dora and Kusanagi’s Deadly Technique – With One Drawback

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 17, "Sword and Shield," by Gen Oosuka, Camellia Nieh and Phil Christie, available in English at Viz and Manga Plus.

Doron Dororon's beloved duo Dora and Kusanagi have constantly done their best to purge all the evil Mononoke monsters. Since Kusanagi isn't necessarily an ally most humans will readily accept, they initially worked under the radar. However, their vigilante works were quickly put to a halt when they faced the accursed Hanya Gyuuki, and the esteemed Samurai learned of their existence and ability.

After successfully appealing to the higher-ups, Dora and Kusanagi gained the right to operate as Samurai under Heisuke Ujii's guidance as he trained the pair alongside his other subordinates. He was also partly responsible for Kusanagi's epiphany of enshrouding Dora with its supernatural energy. During their fight against the humanoid Mononoke, the duo unleashes the technique they've honed with Touma Toda. It's extremely powerful, but there's a drawback as well.

Dora and Kusanagi's deadly technique

After saving Ichiha from Tameemon's hands, Yoshihime lured Ujii deeper into the Mononoke's trap while Dora, Kusanagi and Touma were left to deal with the drunkard Mononoke. The fight immediately became one-sided with Touma repeatedly receiving Tameemon's attacks. The humanoid Mononoke was quick on the uptake, noticing that the Samurai was holding back against him. He revealed that the previous Samurai he'd faced were quick to launch an attack on him -- a revelation that initially angered Touma, but he managed to remain calm. Just then, a sudden burst of supernatural energy erupted from Dora and Kusanagi.

When Tameemon sensed the duo's power, he aimed to eliminate them quickly, drinking his booze and undergoing a power-up. Seeing the Mononoke charging toward the duo, Touma put himself between them and acted as a shield. He successfully dodged the first attack, but the air pressure still sent the Samurai flying. Even so, Touma regained his footing but received another killer technique from Tameemon, which finally took him down. However, the sacrifice wasn't in vain; Dora and Kusanagi ultimately finished their preparation and cut the humanoid Mononoke with their first killing technique: Merged Humanoke Heaven-and-Earth Slash.

Ujii explaining merging in Doron Dororon

The human-Mononoke pair's strongest attack yet in Doron Dororon is a result of them merging together. Kusanagi envelops Dora with its supernatural energy, which then allowed Dora to focus and utilize that energy. The drawback, however, is that the merging happens in stages rather than a continuous manner. The duo must maintain their focus throughout the process, which leaves them vulnerable to attacks. Fortunately Touma volunteers to be their tank, which is exactly what he did during their fight against Tameemon.

Dora and Kusanagi may have ultimately found a way around Dora's lack of supernatural ability, but their strongest attack is still far from being efficient. Although Touma is a very efficient tank, he won't be able to hold his ground against multiple enemies -- at least not with his current abilities. That being said, the duo will definitely have to find a way to hasten their merging if they want to be of more use in future battles in Doron Dororon.

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