Dontmesswithjuan Touches Our Soul In A Way No One Else Can In New Singles “Mutant Fur” & “Mr. Uchi”

Montreal-based surrealist electronica artist Dontmesswithjuan has recently released two wonderful tracks, “Mutant Fur” and “Mr. Uchi,” written, recorded, produced and mixed by herself. 

She shares her philosophical questions through her hauntingly beautiful voice that seems to be coming from another universe. Despite the dark mood, there’s a crystalline purity that emanates from the incredibly talented artist’s vocal performances.  

When she sings “You belong to this world” in “Mr. Uchi,” it almost feels like a retro-futuristic divinity is addressing humanity, a very mysterious feeling that we’ve rarely experienced with most new releases.  

There is no doubt that Dontmesswithjuan will touch your soul in a way no else can, so make sure to stream her latest singles, “Mutant Fur” and “Mr. Uchi.” 

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