Don’t Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro!: How to Get Started With the Anime & Manga

Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! is a popular slice of life shonen manga series written and drawn by Nanashi, and it has since been adapted into a 12-episode anime series, with another anime season already confirmed. This is the story of the meek artistic boy Naoto Hachioji and his #1 pest and friend, the rambunctious Hayase Nagatoro.

Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! is ongoing, and this charming series is always welcoming new fans to the manga and anime alike. Anime fans looking for something goofy and fun to watch need not look any further than Don't Toy With Me, and it's fairly easy to get into this series and see what it's all about.

The Plot Of Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro!

Nagatoro Messes With Senpai (Again)

At a fairly ordinary Japanese high school, a soft-spoken but talented student named Naoto Hachioji becomes the target of Hayase Nagatoro's endless teasing. Before long, Naoto and Hayase become an odd couple who may annoy one another, but deep down, they actually have each other's backs, especially when other boys harass Hayase or the art club's no-nonsense president cracks down on Naoto and his evolving taste in sketch art.

The series may not be a full-blown romance like Horimiya or Toradora!, but all the same, some sparks are already flying between the playful Hayase Nagatoro and her artistic friend Naoto. More than once, Naoto toys with Hayase right back, and Hayase gets flustered before running off, not used to being on the defensive. This leads to a fascinating dynamic between the two characters, and they can't decide if they're a bully and victim, friends, or eventual boyfriend and girlfriend. What's more, Hayase's three goofy gal-pals just might be using reverse psychology to get their friend together with Naoto -- and it just might work. This is going to be a school year like no other.

Where To Read The Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! Manga


The original Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! manga series is ongoing, and as of this writing, 11 volumes have been released in Japan. Eight of these have been translated and released in English, with volume nine due to hit shelves December 7th, 2021. So far, there have been no omnibus releases of Nagatoro! or any deluxe hardback editions of its volumes, so collectors must stick with the single paperback volumes for now. To find those paperback volumes, interested shoppers can start with Barnes & Noble's online catalog, which stocks every current volume. Right Stuf Anime's online catalog has them too, as does Amazon's book department.

Fans can also try the digital edition of Nagatoro! instead for their own convenience, the editions of which tend to be a bit cheaper. Barnes & Noble has these volumes available on the Nook, and Amazon offers the digital release with its Kindle and comiXology.

Where To Watch The Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! Anime

Nagatoro with Wavy Arm and Hachiouji Senpai in Nagatoro

Anime fans looking to get into the story of Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! have remarkably few options as of this writing, especially since the 12-episode anime has not yet had a Blu-ray DVD release anywhere. The anime is available on just one streaming platform, Crunchyroll, which offers the full first season in Japanese dub with subtitles in a large variety of languages, including English and Latin American Spanish.

When the second season begins airing, it will likely be on Crunchyroll as well, although some anime shows have switched platforms for their second seasons, such as Kaguya-Sama: Love is War. Fans of Don't Toy With Me, Ms. Nagatoro! can keep that in mind going forward.

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