Don Diablo and Felix Jaehn collaborate on ‘Monster’

EDM titans Don Diablo and Felix Jaehn have joined forces to release “Monster,” a dynamic new track under Diablo’s HEXAGON label. Steeped in the vibrant energy of 90s rave culture, “Monster” offers more than just rhythmic appeal—it carries a poignant message about the importance of mental health awareness. The track is a seamless blend of Don Diablo’s cutting-edge sounds and Felix Jaehn’s undeniable rhythms, merging into a dance anthem that looks back nostalgically while pushing the sound forward.

To amplify the song’s mental health message, the duo filmed a special music video in Berlin, a city celebrated for its rich musical legacy and profound historical significance. The video not only enhances the track’s deep message but also portrays the distinctive artistic identities of both Diablo and Jaehn against the backdrop of a city synonymous with transformation and resilience. This collaboration stands as a landmark in their careers, utilizing their musical platform to highlight mental health complexities and promote open discussions on well-being.

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