DJing Now Formally Offered As Secondary Education In the UK

DJing is formally being offered as part a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) over in the UK.

Back in 2018, we reported that DJ decks including CDJs were officially recognized as an instrument in the GCSE program. Now, DJing itself has made its way onto the syllabus, particularly as it pertains to grime and hip hop, though any genre is acceptable.

As of last week, FutureDJs and the London College of Music Examiners offer grade certifications on CDJs. As we mentioned before, this puts CDJs into the same category as classical and jazz instruments. But this new framework takes it a step further — by recognizing DJs in education.

Professional DJs and instructors Austen and Scott Smart are behind the curriculum, which students seems to really be connecting with. Some even say, they learn even better while studying other subjects after using DJing as a creative outlet.

Sandra Allan of the exam board AQA says this move allows for “more accessibility and diversity, giving students opportunity they may not have considered before now.”

The goal is that more students see the possibilities in music and aspiring DJs follow their passion through education.


Source: The Guardian