DJ Sliink drops peak time club cut ‘All My Ladies, All My Fellas’

DJ Sliink is back to round out a string of hits on his 3 track EP of Jersey Club bruisers. The New Jersey born DJ took the reins as the sounds first global star and was named by his peers as “The Jersey Club King.” The undeniable pioneer of the genre, Sliink has spread the unique sound from its humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey’s DIY party spaces to international club hotspots.

The 3-track pressing features two DJ Sliink hits and an all new single that combines them all. Previously he dropped his “All My Ladies” classic as a response to the viral sound clip that pulls from his own “Deep from Jersey” sample kit. He then followed up with his take of “All My Fellas” with an emphasis on the style he defined, delivering a certifiable hit that was sent straight to the dance floors.

The final piece of the “All My” puzzle lands as “All My Ladies, and All My Fellas” an amalgamation of both singles meant to be universally appealing no matter what side of the club you stand on.