DJ Envy Agrees to Drop Carchella Name Following Coachella Lawsuit

The organizers of Carchella, a touring music and celebrity exotic car showcase, have signed a temporary restraining order preventing them from hosting or promoting events under the Carchella brand. 

The legal measure was sought by Goldenvoice, parent company of Coachella, who alleged Carchella is causing confusion among consumers. They believe the commercial use of the name Carchella may cause attendees to believe the events to be affiliated in some capacity.

According to the suit, Coachella noted that DJ Envy, Carchella's primary organizer, is a well-known personality within hip-hop. Given the ancillary musical aspect of Carchella, Coachella felt inclined to step in and protect their intellectual property.

Flyer promoting the Atlantic City edition of "Carchella."

Flyer promoting the Atlantic City edition of "Carchella."

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DJ Envy Agrees to Drop Carchella Name Following Coachella Lawsuit

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The temporary restraining order was filed a day after Coachella levied a trademark lawsuit against Carchella and Envy, its primary organizer. The lawsuit arrived as arrangements to host Carchella's Detroit and Miami editions are already underway. 

According to Coachella stakeholders, Carchella was made well aware of the Indio, California festival's complaint on more than one occasion. According to Law360, a disastrous Zoom call between Coachella and Carchella organizers, during which the latter refused to back off of the name, was what finally prompted the former's pursuit of immediate injunctive relief.

Attorneys for DJ Envy have not yet commented.