Digimon Just Gave Us the Unlikeliest Adventure & Fusion Team-Up

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 61 of Digimon Adventure 2020, "A Place to Return to," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The end of Episode 60 of Digimon Adventure 2020 teased the return of a villain from an entirely different franchise entry, Digimon Fusion/Digimon Xros Wars. That villain was Gravimon, one of Lord Bagra's most malicious and calculating Dark Generals. Viewers were no doubt expecting, given the gravity manipulator's callous reputation as a war enthusiast in a different reality, that Gravimon would be therefore used as a typical 'monster of the week' in Episode 61 of Adventure 2020, possibly leading to some kind of enhancement to one of the Chosen Ones who fought it.

While the latter part does indeed come to pass in the episode, "A Place to Return to" surprisingly doesn't make Gravimon a standard villain. Instead, the Fusion antagonist becomes a reluctant ally to the kids and their friends -- T.K and Angemon in particular.

Digimon-Adventure-2020-Episode-61 gravimon

The episode's major problem for the DigiDestined to solve isn't a battle or a mystery, as is usually the case. Instead, T.K, Patamon, Tai and Agumon find themselves compelled to aid the previously introduced Eldoradimon return to its home -- the Cloud Continent that came crashing down to earth after Millenimon ravaged the Digital World. Being the size of a small city, the lumbering Digimon had been trying and failing to scale the steep hillside that its home now rests upon. Moved by this desperate scene, T.K and Patomon quickly step in to help, despite their comparable size and strength being the equivalent of a fly attempting to help a human being move one of their legs.

Tai, Agumon and a newly returned Leomon also assist, and gradually, their combined efforts inspire an onlooking crowd of similarly displaced Digimon to help out too, both from the air with ropes and other attachments and on the ground, pushing Eldoradimon's huge, stone feet. The only hold-out, in the end, is the brooding Gravimon, remaining stubbornly neutral.

Though this falls in line with the vampiric-looking Digimon's predilection for heartlessness, it's a surprise to see such an ominous and powerful being as a mere spectator. Also true to character but still fairly surprising is Gravimon's decision to suddenly interrogate T.K about his reason for taking on what looks like an impossible task.

Digimon-Adventure-2020-Episode-61 holy angemon serephimon

The human child's hopeful resilience clearly intrigues and later affects the stoic Gravimon when, as Eldoradimon's weight is unable to be supported by the hill's summit -- with his home tragically within grasp -- the Fusion villain intervenes with its incredible gravitational pull, dangling the colossal Digimon above the ground to stop it falling. Whatsmore, Angemon is able to almost digivolve to Seraphimon, one of his Mega forms not yet seen in the show, as T.K's hopeful strength overflows, combining his powers with Gravimon's to give Eldoradimon a set of temporary, angelic wings to soar home.

Not only does Eldoradimon being returned home give a much-needed sense of positivity in the wake of the calamity that was Milleniumon, but if a conscience as rigid as Gravimon's can be swayed to selfless action, the Chosen Ones are truly demonstrating themselves worthy of their world-saving (and healing) title. Beating the bad guy is one thing, but the measure of a proper hero can sometimes be best exemplified by whether or not they stick around to pick up the pieces when the fight is won.

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