Digimon: Everything You Need to Know About BlitzGreymon

Digimon Adventure 2020 has successfully reimagined the original anime series, reminding why fans first loved the franchise in the first place. Most of the Digital Monsters who have made appearances so far have been stalwarts such as franchise mascot Agumon. Others, such as Tailmon, have gotten a bigger push than they received in the series's previous entries.

In episode 36, however, the show finally unveiled a hinted at Digimon who had to date only shown up in other media. BlitzGreymon, a potential evolution of the series mascot, finally showed off his electric glory in celluloid form. Here's exactly what all BlitzGreymon can do, what games the monster has been in and how this might affect the anime going forward.

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Who is BlitzGreymon?

Digimon Adventure 2020 BlitzGreymon

As mentioned, BlitzGreymon's appearances have heretofore been relegated to the realms of trading cards and video games, with the monster's appearance in the current anime being his animated debut. As its name would suggest, it's a member of the Greymon line and exists as the ultimate form which the monster can take. BlitzGreymon achieves this form by being outfitted with electric weapons.

A cyborg-type monster, its appearance is more armored, robotic and humanoid than any of its previous forms. It's also fittingly weighty, a far cry from the diminutive dinosaur that spawned the line. This battle-ready form manifests with a metallic red exterior and two gigantic cannon arms. These "Plasma Stakes" emit powerful electric currents which can destroy an object from within. It can also weaponize electricity through the Thunder Verniers on its back, which can also propel BlitzGreymon forward with incredible speed. It can also use Elec Guard to surround itself with a protective shield of electricity.

In video games such as Digimon Linkz and Digimon Masters, the monster has incredible attack and health stats, allowing it to do massive damage with its electric attacks. Its defense stats are substantially lower, though, which means that it has to rely on its somewhat high evasion stats to keep from taking hits. Other appearances include the game Digimon ReArise. The form can only be achieved in the games once a player has a MetalGreymon Black, but it doesn't seem that this limitation is in the newest anime.

Other New Digimon?

Instead of a Digivolution of MetalGreymon Black, BlitzGreymon seems to be a sort of built-in new form of the normal variant of BlitzGreymon. In the games, BlitzGreymon is also integral to being able to access Omegamon Alter-S. This monster is itself the ultimate form for Omnimon/Omegamon, and it requires the fusion of BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon, the ultimate form of the Garumon line. This Holy Knight Digimon combines both lines' physical characteristics, wielding a Garuru Sword, Grey Cannon and impressive stats across the board.

It's unknown if this form will also be introduced in the anime, but it's highly likely. After all, fans didn't expect the series to introduce BlitzGreymon, at least not this soon. BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon were themselves just introduced into the franchise as a whole as recently as 2017 in the 20th-anniversary version of the Digimon Digital Pet handheld game. The presence of BlitzGreymon does help to already establish branching evolution paths, doing so far sooner than the original continuity did. The capacity for monsters to have several incredibly different forms and the potential for them to gain even more as the franchise goes on has always been part of what differentiated Digimon from the more set-in-stone forms of rival franchise Pokemon. This has resulted in Agumon's ruddiest, burliest and most powerful form, which has finally made it into the anime.