Digimon: BlitzGreymon Steals the Show – But It’s Still Koshiro’s Time to Shine

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episodes 36 of Digimon Adventure: (2020), "Operation Satellite Sniper," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

When BlitzGreymon was teased in Episode 35, fans quickly began to theorize that the new form would steal the spotlight away from the other characters yet again -- and while it's impossible to say that didn't happen, Digimon Adventure pleasantly surprises viewers by giving the lion's share of the episode's screentime, and narrative weight, to someone other than Taichi -- Koshiro.

The International Space Station is headed on a collision course with Tokyo. Koshiro, the character who's been most-in-communication with the real world, has found a way to get rid of the corrupted data, with Taichi's party arriving just in time to assist. The plan is simple and straightforward, with Koshiro already having located a pillar of light that leads to the surface web that will allow them to alter the ISS's collision course similar to how they did with the missile back in Episode 3, "And to the Digital World." There's just one problem: there's a time limit.

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With only 20 minutes to spare, the group all Digivolve into their flying forms and begin making their way up the pillar of light until they encounter a group of BladeKuwagamon, who Tailmon notes have an evolution that's adapted to the unique and lightning-filled environment. But as this group of BladeKuwagamon and a MetallifeKuwagamon begin to attack and defend their territory, the group finds themselves in a particularly shonen situation -- the old "I'll take care of things here -- you keep going" method of thinning the cast.

It's here where both Koshiro begins to take his place as the primary character in spite of BlitzGreymon's sudden appearance. With such limited time and resources, the rest of the DigiDestined begin to place the burden on Koshiro as he leads the group toward the top. Koshiro, who prior to this point had mostly seen himself as a supporting character suddenly finds himself as the one being supported, and it is his emotional arc to come to terms with that fact that are the through-line of the episode.

Soon the cast finds themselves in a pinch, so MetalGreymon Digivolves into BlitzGreymon. Rather than simply being an alternate Mega-level form for Agumon as previously assumed, BlitzGreymon revealed to be a special subspecies of WarGreymon specifically adapted for this environment, as foreshadowed by Tailmon's words earlier. Not only does this shock the cast, but it leads to the episode's emotional pivot point. Koshiro, no doubt feeling slightly inadequate after BlitzGreymon's reveal, tells Taichi to go on, thinking that he and AtlurKabuterimon will stay behind -- only for Taichi to retort that only Koshiro can pull off the shot.

While shocked, Koshiro doesn't exactly have time left on the clock to argue and takes the most important part of the operation, the Satellite Sniper, himself. It's still a race against time, but no longer hindered by the aggressive Digimon, Koshiro has time to think. He realizes that as much as he had seen himself as a supporting character, as someone who could help others but did not need them, he was wrong. And he's not alone.

Thus, when he and AtlurKabuterimon reach the top, the outline of HerculesKabuterimon arises from his Horn Buster attack -- not quite the full Digivolution that was predicted, but pretty epic nonetheless. The shot is made with split-second timing, and the ISS falls more-or-less harmlessly into the sea, saving Tokyo, and the day. In the end, Koshiro learned a great lesson about trust, friendship and relying on others while not necessarily underestimating himself. This episode was his time to shine.

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