Digimon Adventure: TWO New Omnimon Forms Are Likely, But Which Will We Get?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 55 of Digimon Adventure 2020, "The Digimon School Under Attack," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Following WarGreymon and Angemon and Angewomon's godly Mega forms kicking Milleniumon to the curb, the Digimon Adventure reboot series has been slowly leveling the playing field among the Chosen Ones. Sora and Biyomon unlocked her Mega form, Hououmon, in Episode 53, and in the most recent episode, "The Digimon School Under Attack," Mimi and Palmon repeat this feat -- introducing the magical girl-influenced Rosemon to the series for the first time.

While Izzy and Joe would logically be next in line to receive similar upgrades to their partners, Adventure 2020 teases that the next episode will be a Yamato/Matt-centered one, possibly giving the already-Mega-achieving Gabumon his next alternate Evolution in the form of CresGarurumon, which would put him on equal footing with Agumon's BlitzGreymon form. Taking all these spinning plates into account, it seems that this flurry of developments could be paving a branching path for Digimon's most iconic Fusion hero: Omnimon.

Digimon Omegamon Alter S

Omnimon, the fused form of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, was brought into the current series prematurely in the eyes of some viewers -- in just the second episode. It has since appeared only once more, but BlitzGreymon's surprise introduction to the animated canon quickly got fans' hopes up that Omnimon's early entrance was going to be retroactively justified by the show giving it a more powerful form down the line. After all, BlitzGreymon -- previously a video game exclusive -- is one-half of Omegamon Alter-S (an alternate Omnimon form of similar power), along with CresGarurumon. As with Ominmon, the two subspecies Mega forms fuse together to create the Royal Knight.

But Omegamon Alter-S isn't the only evolutionary possibility for Omnimon in Digimon Adventure 2020. Now that Sora, Mimi, and hopefully, Joe and Izzy, are helping their Digital partners reach their Mega forms during their individual investigations into the power of the Crests, the stage is also being set for Omnimon Merciful Mode. Along with WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and the recently debuted Goddramon and Holydramon (Angemon and Angewomon's Mega forms), the four aforementioned evolutions can combine to create Omnimon's angelic mode.

Digimon Omimon Merciful Mode

The question then becomes, which one will the series use? While it might seem strange to introduce BlitzGreymon and CresGarurumon for no other reason than to further differentiate Tai and Yamato from the rest of the pack, Omnimon Merciful Mode, with its holy inspirations, does make more sense to Adventure 2020's story. The Holy Digimon have been an integral part of the show since the start, and while almost every iteration of Digimon emphasizes the age-old idea of light vs. dark, this version has really brought out the Biblical underpinnings of that idea (and the franchise) more than ever.

Alternatively, perhaps these are all red herrings and a brand new Omnimon iteration is on the horizon -- something that'll mark this Digimon Adventure series out as something truly special.

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