Digimon Adventure Gives WarGreymon His Own Spirit Bomb

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 50 of Digimon Adventure 2020, "The End, The Ultimate Holy Battle," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Billed as "The Ultimate Holy Battle," Episode 50 the Digimon Adventure reboot series certainly delivers on this apocalyptic premise. Milleniumon, even without all of its world-ending power, is a truly nightmarish antagonist by size alone -- looming over the Digital World when it's birthed in Episode 49 like a vast, black cloud. The devastation it unleashes in the anime's latest installment is enough for even two god-like Holy Digimon to struggle with, leaving it up to the recovered WarGreymon and Tai to land the finishing blow.

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Obviously, WarGreymon, despite being the franchise's flagship Mega Digimon isn't anywhere near on Milleniumon's level, but luckily, he receives a collective boost from across the world -- one that would look very familiar to Dragon Ball Z fans.


Milleniumon's arrival presents a seemingly insurmountable hurdle for the DigiDestined. Devimon, at the very least, came at a normal size. Milleniumon is impossible to even properly engage with; one mere swipe of its hand could obliterate mountains. Spurred on by Tai and Agumon's reemergence, though, T.K and Kari channel their crests' spirits into pushing Angemon and Angewomon to all-new, evolutionary heights: the previously teased Goddramon and Holydramon, respectively. Together, the pair unleash enough holy energy to insta-kill lesser beings, but even after draining themselves of their full power, Millienumon's own power still causes deep cracks to snake across the Digital World's earth, threatening to pull it apart.

But the data-driven land's inhabitants aren't ready to go down without a fight. As Tai, in his despair, remembers all of the friends he and his human companions have made along the way, the energy of every willing inhabitant begins to pool into WarGreymon's gathered Gaia Force -- his signature move. This increases the glowing orb's potency to never-before-seen, incalculable levels of strength, and when he launches it at Milleniumon, the evil being is smitten not just by the Mega-level hero, but the feelings and willpower of every being he sought to destroy. It's a nice, loose-end tying of the gang's journey through this strange land so far.


It's hard, watching this, not to think of the ginormous Super Spirit Bomb that Goku gathered to defeat Kid Buu. While in Super Saiyan form, the Z-Fighter channeled not only his energy into the attack but also the energy of everyone else willing to part with it. Even the blueish-white color scheme, as well as the pose -- arms outstretched toward the heavens -- are the same. Kid Buu is also quite comparable to Millieniumon, both being creatures of pure, undiluted evil.

Dragon Ball Z doesn't exactly run the gamut on finishing moves but it does have some of anime's most iconic. Passing similarities can therefore be found all over the medium, but the circumstances, method and visuals of this suped-up Gaia Force in Digimon Adventure 2020 leave no question that this is WarGreymon's version of Goku's most devastating technique, leaving '90s kids everywhere to rejoice at the unintentional Toei crossover.

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