Digimon Adventure Gears Up for a Godly Arrival Against Milleniumon

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 49 of Digimon Adventure 2020, "The God of Evil Descends, Milleniumon," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As Digimon Adventure 2020 approaches another arc finale, viewers can expect to be treated to an even bigger action-packed climax than last time. And when we say bigger, we do mean that literally because... Well, Millieniumon's foot is barely small enough to squeeze into the same frame as the DigiDestined. The anime's latest big bad isn't the only grand unveiling of Episode 49, either. Fresh from an apparent death in the last episode, WarGreymon rises from the ashes right under the villain's toes, leaving viewers on another tense cliffhanger.

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Digimon Adventure Goddramon
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But that's still not even all as, once again, the preview segment of the "Digimon Encyclopedia" heralds the arrival of another player to the board -- one on Milleniumon's par.


The long build-up to Milleniumon's occult-esque revival culminates in the aptly named "The God of Evil Descends, Millieniumon," wherein the scourge of the Digital World finally reaches its peak gestation in its giant crystal. We briefly see the creature evolve into its prior form, Kimeramon, which was suspected to play a far bigger part based on last week's preview of this episode. Despite Matt, Sora and Izzy's efforts to destroy it, Kimermon quickly becomes Milleniumon while still encased in its diamond womb before fully hatching, suspended above the earth with its new ginormous body, inducing a considerable amount of fear in the watching Chosen Ones.

But hope is not lost: out of a beam of light at Milleniumon's feet steps WarGreymon. The last time we saw the Mega Digimon, he was at the center of a massive explosion caused by Mugendramon's remains that rocked the Cloud Continent. There's no sign of Tai yet but snapshots of Episode 50 assure viewers that the goggled hero is just as safe as well his Digital partner... for now, at least.

WarGreymon and the rest of the team won't be alone in facing this godly behemoth, thankfully. The silhouetted figure that appears at the end of the latest "Digimon Encyclopedia" segment is unmistakeably that of the winged, serpentine Goddramon (also known as Goldramon). Further confirmation comes from the preview for Episode 50, which includes a close-up of the creature's eye, too. As the name gives away, this Ultimate-level being is not to be trifled with. Goddramon is based on the legendary shinryu from Chinese mythology, the same divine dragon that inspired Dragon Ball's Shenron. In Digimon lore, this puts Goddramon on Holy Digimon footing; one of an elite group known as the "Four Great Dragon Digimon," though only one other member is known by name so far, Holydramon. Both of these beings possess insta-kill abilities -- Goddramon's is the devastating "God Flame," which smites anything around it with holy energy.

Digimon Goddramon

As this will be the first time the being has been animated, it's unclear how Goddramon will grace Digimon Adventure 2020 with its presence. If any established pattern holds true -- which isn't always a guarantee in the reboot series -- the recently introduced MagnaAngemon will be the key, as the Great Dragon evolves from Angemon's Ultimate form in the 2010 Nintendo DS game, Digimon Story: Lost Evolution. The material shown in the preview supports this theory, too, with an increased focus on Kari and T.K in the upcoming battle, who are both partnered with Holy Digimon.

As usual, the hard part for the Chosen Ones will be accessing Goddramon. The more powerful the transformation, the higher the physical and emotional strain on the kids is. With Milleniumon currently casting a dark and vast shadow over the Digital World, they'll need to dig deeper than ever before to find the light again.

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