Did JoJo’s Part 6 Make a Mistake With Its Ending Theme?

Whenever a new part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is announced, fans head to social media to predict what song will be used as the ending theme. So far, each part has ended with a well-known song. These songs tend to fall into one of three general categories. Some songs fit the story's setting, other songs influenced Hirohiko Araki's writing, and others match the story's general vibe.

Because of this, JoJo has had an eclectic mix of ending themes. Diamond Is Unbreakable ended with Savage Garden's "I Want You," fitting the story's late 1990's setting. Famously, Stardust Crusaders featured The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian," which tied into the part's focus on Egypt. However, when it was announced that Part 6, Stone Ocean, would use Welsh singer Duffy's 2008 hit "Distant Dreamer," fans were surprised and a little confused.

Before the announcement, social media and fan forums were filled with ending theme suggestions. The American prison setting led to many fans suggesting various rap and hip-hop tracks, as they fit the Green Dolphin Street Prison's atmosphere and the 2011 setting. One common suggestion was Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" as many fans thought that this song suited Jolyne's no-nonsense attitude.

In the same vein, others suggested Queen Latifah's "Long Ass Week," as lyrics like "You may not be living the life that you want. But tonight, you gon live the life that you want," feel perfect for Jolyne. There were others who ignored the time period and instead focused on the jailhouse setting, suggesting songs like "Jailhouse Rock," or "Folsom Prison Blues." These are thematically appropriate, but they don't fit the arc's atmosphere and would likely be very hard to license. Many fans predicted that Dolly Parton's legendary hit "Jolene" would get the honor, as it was the song that inspired Jolyne Cujoh's name. Alas, while it would be a nice nod, it doesn't really fit Jolyne Cujoh or the situation she finds herself in.

There were also suggestions for songs by the band Muse. These fans note that while their songs are not thematically perfect, they are from the right era. Also, Muse's fusion of rock, progressive rock, jazz, and electronic sounds make them fit perfectly with Savage Garden, Yes, and the Pat Metheny Group who have made previous appearances.

Jolene Cujoh and the rest of the Stone Ocean cast

However, when you step back and listen to the song, it isn't hard to see why "Distant Dreamer," was picked. The song comes from Duffy's debut studio album, "Rockferry," which was released in 2008, a few years before the events of Stone Ocean. It perfectly fits the era as the late 2000s saw a massive soul-pop revival with acts like Duffy, Adele, and Amy Winehouse topping the charts with tracks influenced by Dusty Springfield and other retro singers.

The lyrics also perfectly fit the story of Stone Ocean and the inner life of protagonist Jolyne Cujoh. Lines like "Inside and all the while I'm wondering about my destiny," and "I'm a dreamer, a distant dreamer. Dreaming far away from today," match Jolyne's desire to find what she is looking for and to discover her place in the world. In fact, the lyrics of "Distant Dreamer," fit many of the characters Jolyne encounters on her adventure. Most of the cast is dreaming about something and trying to grasp their destiny; be that a life outside of prison or something much grander.

One of the best things about the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ending themes is how varied and surprising they are. While Hirohiko Araki could get away with using cheap to license or generic stock music for his ending songs the choices are always fitting and surprising. "Distant Dreamer" might sound like an odd choice at first glance, but the more you think about it and listen to it, the more you realize just how well it fits Stone Ocean.

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