Devils’ Line: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

Devils' Line is a vampire romance and police thriller anime that received one 12-episode season in 2018 from Platinum Vision. While the series earned a high rating and a dedicated fanbase after its first season, the studio hasn't announced any plans for future content. Here's what happened in Devils' Line Season 1 and the likelihood the anime will continue.

The Plot of Devils' Line

Devils' Line is set in an alternate reality where 0.01% of the Japanese population display vampire characteristics and are referred to as "Devils." Given their rarity and the threat they pose to average civilians, their existence is kept hidden from the general public to prevent panic and hysteria. Devils appear and act as regular members of society, only transforming into their Devil state when they smell blood.

The series stars Yuuki Anzai, a half-human half-devil police officer guiding the F Squad task force which is designed to manage all devil-related crimes. Knowing first-hand just how dangerous he and other Devils are, Anzai believes they and humans shouldn't mingle. However, his sentiment gradually changes when he meets Tsukasa Taira, a human college student whom he saves from a Devil attack. Their relationship blossoms into a forbidden romance as they work together with the F Squad to investigate an outbreak in devil-related crime. While Season 1 concludes with Anzai and Tsukasa's happily ever after, many questions went unanswered about Devils and the world they live in.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Devils' Line?

Devils' Line is adapted from Ryo Hanada's popular and ongoing manga series that began in 2013. Despite the initial attention the manga received, the anime failed to excel in viewership and sales. While the series garnered many loyal fans and earned a perfect five-star rating on MyAniList, there wasn't enough marketing and promotion for anime fans to learn or hear about Devils' Line in the first place. With 14 manga volumes currently in circulation, there is plenty of source material to pull from that the anime has yet to cover. However, it's possible the anime was merely used as a way to boost manga sales without ever intending to cover the material completely.

Despite its captivating premise, Devils' Line is a rushed and incomplete anime adaptation given its short runtime. The series received one OVA after Season 1's completion in 2018, but there has been no news of further content since then. As Platinum Vision is a newer studio with only five series produced, little is known about its production timeline and whether it will return to a past series after a long hiatus.

While most of those who've had the opportunity to watch this fascinating romance/police thriller enjoyed it and hope for more content, not enough people are aware of the series' existence. Given its poor viewership performance and the rushed conclusion to Season 1, it remains unlikely that Devils' Line will receive a Season 2. However, hope remains in sight as Platinum Vision has yet to cancel the series and in the meantime, fans can still refer to the original manga to get their full vampire fix.

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