Detroit House and Techno Pioneer K-Hand Dead at 56

Legendary Detroit DJ and electronic music producer K-Hand has died at the age of 56.

According to Detroit Metro Times, K-Hand, whose real name was Kelli Hand, is hailed as being "the first woman to release an electronic music record before techno grew into an international fascination."

In summer 2017 Hand was officially dubbed "the First Lady of Detroit" by City Council for her pioneering contributions to techno and house music, as well as her "skills within a male-dominated industry." She was awarded the city's Testimonial Resolution, a biographical certificate that lists the accomplishments of a person or organization.

The year prior, she was a recipient of the Spirit of Detroit Award along with fellow techno music legends Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, and Kevin Saunderson, among others. The award is presented to any person, event, or organization for "outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit."

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Many figures in the electronic music world paid tribute to Hand, who founded the venerated Acacia Records label.

A cause of death has not been revealed. We at express our sincere condolences to the family, fans, friends, and loved ones of K-Hand.