Destiny 2: What’s in Store for the 2022 Guardian Games?

Starting on May 3, Destiny 2's free-to-play annual event, the Guardian Games, will begin. The event pits all of the game's classes, against one another as players compete for event-exclusive weapons, armor pieces, and bragging rights.

The rules for this year's event remain the same, though there are a few new tweaks. Guardians will still have to earn medallions through specific activities and mini-quests known as Contender Cards or Platinum Cards. The medallions are then returned to the Podium at the Tower to earn points, and the class with the most points at the end of the event wins the Guardian Games.

Participating in the Guardian Games is simple enough, as there are plenty of ways to earn medallions. Higher-tier medallions can earn the Guardian more points in raids, dungeons, and completive PvP activities like survival and Trials of Osiris. Lower-tier medallions earn fewer points and can be found in Gambit, Strikes, PvP activities like Quickplay, and more.

Contender Cards can earn Guardians gold medals in more accessible activities, while the Platinum Card earns platinum medals in more challenging activities. These cards have also been updated to include new content recently released with The Witch Queen expansion, like the new raid, new master lost sectors, and seasonal content. These medals also add to the class team's final score once deposited.

As for what is different this time around, Strikes will now be scored with strike medals, giving more guardians incentive to complete the strikes to the fullest rather than rush through them. The Guardian Games will also be adding two new playlists: Training and Completive. Both will be completed on different days to get the maximum rewards.

Tuesday through Thursday is for the training playlist where Guardians earn practice points with their fireteam, while Friday through Monday is for the competitive playlist for rewards. Guardians will earn and rank up buffs in the training and competitive playlist that lasts till the weekly reset. These buffs are used in the strikes playlist to complete them more efficiently and earn higher scores.

This year's rewards include a new legendary submachine gun that will only be available during the Guardian Games. According to Bungie, the Hakke Void Submachine Gun will be an aggressive frame SMG with the perk Classy Contender, which grants bonus class ability energy with each kill. The SMG can drop with a variety of perks, and guardians will have the opportunity to complete the masterwork of the weapon during the event.

Guardians will also have another opportunity to get the exotic light machine gun Heir Apparent and its catalyst. And to the guardians the put in the extra effort by scoring within the top 10% of the event will earn an exclusive emblem. The Guardian Games are an excellent time for new or returning players to create some fireteams and enjoy the event with friends, especially since Destiny 2 is coming off of its latest expansion, The Witch Queen, and a new season release. The Guardian Games start on May 3 and run until May 24.

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