Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Vs. MHA’s Kaminari – Which Lightning User Wins?

Elemental magic is common in anime and manga, and lightning users tend to be quick and precise. Electrical attacks can cover a wide area or strike a single target, paralyzing or frying anyone they hit. A recent example of this is Zenitsu Agatsuma from Demon Slayer, a practitioner of the thunder breathing technique.

Zenitsu isn't alone, however. In My Hero Academia, the heroic student Denki Kaminari wields a Quirk called Electrification, allowing him to generate massive amounts of electrical power all over his body. Both of these lightning warriors are noted for their silly behavior and tend to panic in battle, but if they clashed, it would be evenly matched fight. Here's who would win and how he'd do it.

Zenitsu's Lightning Breathing In Demon Slayer

Zenitsu from Demon Slayer.

Very little of Zenitsu's training was seen during Demon Slayer, in contrast to Tanjiro's in-depth montages with Saionji Urokodaki. At the very least, Zenitsu had sufficient expertise with Nichirin swords to take part in, and pass, the final exam that takes place within the wisteria cage. With an intense fear of death, Zenitsu is generally reluctant to fight and often faints at the sight of powerful demons -- or even the boar-headed Inosuke. Oddly enough, his true talents shine when he is fast asleep.

Passing out from terror counts too, and when Zenitsu falls unconscious, he operates through sheer instinct and perhaps muscle memory from his swordsman training. When a demon or other threat comes close, Zenitsu can use the first form of thunder breathing: Thunderclap and Flash. This is Zenitsu's primary move thus far in Demon Slayer, and it allows him to rush forth with incredible speed to deliver a single, precise strike to the opponent's neck or body. Visually this attack radiates electricity, able to end a fight before it even begins. It is not yet clear in the anime how defensive this style can be, though Zenitsu's defenses are likely minimal.

Kaminari's Electrification Quirk In My Hero Academia

Although MHA's Denki Kaminari is a terrible student on paper, he works hard to keep pace with his talented classmates and prove he was worthy of being placed in Class 1-A. Kaminari has minimal martial arts or melee skills -- instead he relies almost entirely on his Quirk, placing him in a similar category as Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu. On its own, Kaminari's Electrification ability generates a massive amount of electricity around his body, which he can radiate in all directions at once. This is a brute-force Quirk that cannot easily be aimed.

Fortunately, the genius Mei Hatsume granted Kaminari a wrist-mounted device: sharpshooting gear, first seen in use during the Provisional Hero License Exam. With this, he can fire a disc at a target and his electricity will focus on it in a precise, straight line to perform pinpoint attacks. The maximum range is 10 meters, which is sufficient in most battles. His visor presents tactical data in regards to the sharpshooting device's use.

As for special techniques, Kaminari can also perform the Indiscriminate Shock: 1.3 Million Volts move to blast away his foes, but at the cost of reducing his mental capacity for one hour. He can also perform a two million volt variant, though it addles his brain even quicker.

MHA's Kaminari Vs. Demon Slayer's Zenitsu: Who Wins?

zenitsu demon slayer

In this matchup, Kaminari has the advantage with ranged attacks, but Zenitsu has a serious edge in short-range combat and sheer speed. Kaminari can deal substantial damage to Zenitsu's body with his attacks, but that ultimately works against him. His precise zaps can stun Zenitsu or even knock him out, and that's where the Demon Slayer warrior's true power shines. After all, Zenitsu cannot defeat Kaminari while conscious, especially since he would be unnerved by the sight of his own element working against him.

Kaminari can ordinarily defeat almost any foe in My Hero Academia with such a move, but it actually works in Zenitsu's favor here. Zenitsu can unconsciously sense other people as a clear threat while knocked out, then use his special technique to finish the fight in a flash. Kaminari's lightning may be quick but his dodging skills aren't up to par, and he would be helpless if Zenitsu gets a chance to use his Thunderclap and Flash. With no defenses to call on, Kaminari would soon be hacked apart, and there's a chance Zenitsu could kill him outright. In any case, the Demon Slayer man would definitely win this fight after getting conveniently knocked out.

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