Demon Slayer: Zenitsu Gets Real in Shockingly Lifelike Fan Art

Zenitsu comes to life in a new piece of photo-realistic Demon Slayer fan art.

The new art work comes from an artist who is known on Instagram under the screen name Using Photoshop and the machine-learning based Artbreeder as their tools, the artist put together a stunningly photo-realistic digital portrait that shows what Demon Slayer's cowardly swordsman might look like if he was real. The portrait even manages to make Zenitsu's unique haircut, which was dyed golden blonde after the reluctant warrior was struck by lightning, look natural.

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More of's unique portraits can be viewed on their Instagram profile, where they have shared many of their renditions of what other anime, video game and cartoon characters might look like if they were real.

Zenitsu Agatsuma was briefly introduced during the Final Selection arc and becomes one of the series' main characters during the Tsuzumi Mansion arc. Initially presented as a chicken-hearted weakling with a propensity for simping on every woman he meets, the young demon slayer eventually demonstrates the traits that would lead him to become one of the series' most popular characters, as well as one of Tanjiro's most trusted allies; namely his willingness to sacrifice his own safety for others, and his powerful Thunder Breathing style, which allows him to execute powerful sword strikes with lightning speed.

The swordsman recently played a key role in the events of Demon Slayer anime's current Entertainment District arc, where he, Tanjiro and Inosuke demonstrated what a solid team they've become by coordinating their unique abilities during the battle with the Upper Rank demons Daki and Gyutaro. The series recently concluded the long battle with demonic sibling duo in an action-packed episode that many critics and fans have labelled as one of the best moments in the entire series.

Kotoharu Gotouge's Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is one of the most popular manga series of time, with a circulation of over 150 million copies worldwide. The anime adaptation debuted in 2019 and is produced by studio Ufotable. The series' first movie, Mugen Train, premiered in 2020 and is the highest grossing anime movie of all time. The anime series is currently airing its second season, which is scheduled to conclude on Feb. 13 with a special 45-minute long episode.

Gotouge's original manga series is now available in English in its entirety from VIZ Media. The first season of the anime is available on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation, while all currently released episodes in the second season are available for streaming from the latter two services.

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