Demon Slayer: Mugen Train Makes Box Office History in U.S.

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train hit a noteworthy milestone at the domestic box office over the weekend.

"This train makes no stops! #MugenTrain is officially the 2nd highest-grossing anime film in U.S. box office history," Funimation announced on Twitter. This came after the film grossed $1.33 million over the frame, a small 32% dip from last weekend. This brought Mugen Train's domestic box office haul to $44.9 million, surpassing Pokémon 2000's $43.7 million domestic gross for the honor of the second-biggest anime film ever in this territory.

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Currently, the biggest anime film domestically is: Pokémon: The First Movie with an $85.7 million gross. Demon Train's $44.9 million gross also makes it the third-highest grossing R-rated animated film of all time, only behind South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut ($52 million) and Sausage Party ($97.6 million).

Mugen Train's box office accomplishments are far from limited to just its domestic box office performance. The film already grossed $365.7 million in its home country of Japan in 2020, meaning Mugen Train surpassed Spirited Away to become the biggest film of all time in that territory. It has also secured considerable box office hauls in countries like Taiwan ($22.6 million) and South Korea ($17.4 million).

Directed by Haruo Sotozaki, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is now playing in theaters.

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