Demon Slayer: 5 Reasons Why Nezuko Is Best Girl

Tanjiro Kamado may be the protagonist of Demon Slayer, but in many ways, his younger sister Nezuko is much more of an icon. With her pastel pink eyes and matching pink kimono, the precious demon girl surely surpasses her Demon Slayer brother in charm. While Nezuko is largely mute due to her bamboo muzzle, her character shines through her actions and adorable antics.

After their family was slaughtered by a demon, Nezuko and Tanjiro became the last of the Kamados. Nezuko herself was turned into a Demon during the incident, but by some unexplainable miracle, she managed to overcome her killing instincts and protect her brother. From then on Nezuko has stolen fans’ hearts for five key reasons, earning the title of “Best Girl” of the series.

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Nezuko Is a Pacifist - And a Protector

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No matter how much she may be prodded, Nezuko would never eat a human -- even when Sanemi Shinazugawa tries to tempt her with his own blood. No demon has demonstrated the kind of restraint she has, especially considering that normally they cannot live without feeding on humans. Instead of hurting humans, Nezuko regains her energy by sleeping, once even remaining dormant for two years straight as Tanjiro trained.

Yet however peaceful Nezuko might be, she can be pushed to fight back, especially when protecting Tanjiro or innocent humans. Nezuko packs a mean punch -- or moreso kick -- against foes as she brings her leg down with might on evil demons. Because she has regenerative powers from being a demon herself, she’ll also often act as a shield, taking hits for more fragile humans.

Nezuko Gives Everyone Hope

Though Nezuko spends a lot of time hidden in that little box on Tanjiro's back as he goes about his quests, she's the whole reason he decided to become a Demon Slayer in the first place. He's not in it for vengeance -- rather, he's in it because his sister gives him hope to carry on. The pair are inseparable because they remind each other of home and the possibility of a happy and tranquil future. He’ll stop at nothing to find a cure to her Demon curse, or die trying.

Nezuko gives Tanjiro hope, but also inspires others to believe there is hope for demons to either become human again or to stop consuming humans. Demons are a constant torment to the world, tearing down innocent civilians and trained Demon Slayers alike. Others who are astonished by her docile nature, like Sakonji and Demon Slayer Corps leader Oyakata-sama, see Nezuko as a chance to restore humanity.

Despite Being a Demon, Humans Are Nezuko's Family

During her two-year-long sleep, Tanjiro’s Water Breathing master looked after Nezuko and subtly influenced her subconscious, planting the idea that all humans are akin to her family. She demonstrates this effective sentiment whenever she encounters a new human to protect, often seeing a flashback of her mother and siblings as a reminder.

This endearing viewpoint also extends to the kind demons she and Tanjiro met, Tamayo and Yushiro. Nezuko even pats Yushiro on the head as if he's her little brother. The potent familial love that emanates from Nezuko is such a beautiful trait to assign a character. The fact that her whole family beyond Tanjiro was killed also serves as a poignant reason why her familial gaze is so heartfelt. Even without talking, she’s easily one of the friendliest, kindest characters in all of Demon Slayer – while also being a demon herself.

Nezuko Has Stunningly Fierce Demon Combat Power

While Nezuko is very sleepy and passive most of the time, she can also be a ferocious fighter by her brother's side. She’s never received any formal training like Tanjiro, but just being a demon comes with some powerful perks in combat. Her physical strength is mighty, allowing her to smack demons down or even rip off their heads. For having never feasted on a human, Nezuko’s power is remarkable and even rivals that of an Upper Rank Demon. The little warrior can also activate a Blood Demon Art, allowing her to ignite her blood into deadly pink flames that only damage demons.

Moreover, Nezuko meshes well with others when fighting in a group, often lending a helping hand to Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenjitsu when forces appear overwhelming. But unlike her human comrades, Nezuko can also regenerate which can rapidly replace severed limbs and repair damage. This ability lets her recklessly go all out in a way that no human could. Just because she’s soft in features doesn’t mean she’s soft in combat – and her powers only continue to grow as Demon Slayer progresses. The fierce yet gentle girl stands as the ultimate oxymoron.

Nezuko Is So Adorable, She's a Meme

While all of the qualities mentioned make Nezuko a treasure, her cuteness factor alone makes her Demon Slayer’s sweetheart. With a pink bow in her long hair and a wide innocent stare, her delicate design and mannerisms are incredibly adorable. While some may think her demon powers would lessen her cuteness, the exact opposite is true. As a demon ability, Nezuko can shrink into a tiny chibi-like form, allowing her to fit in small places and evade enemy attacks. She is naturally petite at her normal size, but when shrinking she can get as small as a literal doll.

Nezuko’s sweet little form became so popular amongst fans that “smol Nezuko” memes started circulating. The series also amplifies her cuteness by animating her with funny exaggerated expressions when she’s confused, embarrassed, or excited. It’s impossible to watch Demon Slayer and not say “aww” when Nezuko is on screen – she’s too precious!

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