Deku Is a Wanted Man in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

My Hero Academia recently dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming movie World Heroes' Mission, and already it promises to be full of surprising twists and turns. Slated to hit Japanese theaters on August 6th, the film's worldwide release will most likely arrive a few months afterward. Following the box office success of My Hero Academia's previous films, Two Heroes and Heroes Rising, World Heroes' Mission will be the third film of the series -- and quite possibly the most ambitious.

Very little is known about World Heroes' Mission as of yet. All the information that has been announced is contained in a new thirty-second trailer that released on March 27th. The trailer itself keeps most of its cards hidden, including the nature of its titular world mission and what seems to be a mysterious cult. But in an unexpected and somewhat comical twist, it reveals that a major plot point of the film will be Deku's international status as a suspected mass murderer.

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The trailer features an American news channel announcing that the Japanese hero "Deku" is wanted for the crime of mass murder. Though this is a relatively brief moment in the overall trailer, already it's a standout moment for fans. Out of all the pictures the news network could have chosen of the "murderous" Deku, they went with one where he's looking adorably innocent. It's a funny juxtaposition to the gravity of Deku's supposed crimes.

We don't know who exactly Deku is suspected of killing, but it's almost a given that he didn't actually murder anyone. Deku's main drive in life is saving people, after all, and he hasn't ever displayed a penchant for unnecessary bloodshed. It's more likely the villain of the film is behind the murders, if they happened at all.

In one shot from the trailer, an ominous silhouette is seen standing atop the corpses of Tsuyu, Iida, Yaoyorozu and more of Deku's classmates. Given that the series wouldn't kill off main characters in a side movie, it's likely their murders are an illusion or some other type of Quirk-related misdirect, if their deaths are indeed the source of Deku's murder accusations.

No matter the truth, it's exciting to see World Heroes' Mission deviate away from the formula established by the previous two films. By sullying Deku's hero reputation, expanding on the politics of international heroism, and focusing on the trio of Deku, Todoroki and Bakugo instead of trying to tack-on every student in Class 1-A, the film is already setting itself up to be the most intriguing one yet.

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