Debuting With The Bold And Experimental Single “Bien,” Aicha Dosso Revives The Art Of Parisian Cabaret

Born in Ivory Coast and raised in Paris where she has studied English at La Sorbonne, Aicha Dosso moved to New York to study method acting at the acclaimed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. The influence of her cosmopolitan background on her music is described by the artist as, “living in two languages – French and English – has been of great importance to me as a writer and as a performer. While Parisian cabaret songs are, in a way, my natural environment – I was immersed in it since childhood as my parents were great admirers of Edith Piaf – I feel I can add a special New York flavor to my songs. Learning to express me in English opened up a space for emotions that I could not release in my native language. The boldness of English made me adventurous and allowed me to say things in my French-language songs that I could not articulate before,” she further explains. In her debut “Bien,” meaning ‘good’ in French, Aicha instills New Yorkian energy into the old art of Parisian cabaret, making it sound fresh and unpredictable, thus, creating her own signature style. It is exciting to see how her career will evolve further.