Death Note: How to Get Started With the Anime & Manga

Death Note is a supernatural thriller that has garnered a large fanbase and spawned a 37-episode anime show and a series of live-action films. In fact, the story is so popular that even a video game, stage musical and several novels have been produced. For the sake of keeping things simple, this guide will help newcomers see what all the commotion is about by showing readers where they can find the manga and watch the anime series.

The Plot of Death Note

Imagine if you were able to pick up a magic notebook where, upon writing anyone's name, they would die. Would you use it for personal gain? Would you try to make the world a better place by getting rid of those you deemed evil? Light Yagami, a genius honor roll student, does the latter after he finds such a notebook and goes on a one-person quest to rid the world of everyone he believes is making the world rotten. The world takes notice of him vanquishing the wicked and gives Light a new moniker: Kira. At first, Light believes he is on top of the world, but he quickly learns that such actions do not come without consequences when the mysterious detective L is hired to track him down.

Ryuk and Light in Death Note

Where to Read the Death Note Manga/Light Novels

Finding the Death Note manga has never been easier. All 12 volumes of this classic can be found in a massive omnibus format at Right Stuf Anime for the price of $37.49. For collectors in the crowd who want to get fancy, a boxset of all 12 volumes in a specialty display case can be yours for the price of $86.24, also from Right Stuf Anime. As for the prequel light novel Death Note: Another Note, this can also be bought from Right Stuf Anime for a total of $13.49.

Where to Watch the Death Note Anime

After reading the manga, it's only natural that a fan would want to see the excellent anime adaptation. Collectors are sure to sink their teeth into the DVD boxset, which can again be purchased from Right Stuf Anime for $25. As for those who prefer a crisper resolution with their visuals, the Blu-ray edition of Death Note is available on the same site for a few dollars more at $30.63. Meanwhile, for viewers who prefer to stream their anime, Death Note is watchable on several different platforms. Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu and all have every episode of Death Note in either subbed or dubbed format.

Light Yagami Writes In The Death Note In Death Note

Regarding the 2006 live-action movies Death Note and Death Note 2: The Last Name, and the 2016 sequel film Light Up The New World, all three are available for purchase at Right Stuf Anime. Death Note and Death Note 2: The Last Name are available in a set priced at $17.93, while Light Up The New World is likewise available for the same price. Readers looking for a cheaper option to watch all three movies are in luck, as they are rentable for $3.99 each on Amazon. For readers who want a different spin on the Death Note storyline, there is a 2017 American live-action adaptation on Netflix. While the majority of the fans of the original series don't tend to view this adaptation favorably, it's still an option for those who want to view it.

Death Note is a bonafide classic with its cat-and-mouse thriller, creepy visuals and dark story about the corruption of power. The franchise is clearly here to stay, and there will more than likely be other adaptations and sequels as time goes on. For fans, this will be another trip down a darker version of memory lane. As for newcomers, they're in for a larger-than-life ride.

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