Dean the Dream Dedicates Hitchin’ It to Heaven To All The Outcasts

Detroit-born poet, Brendan Alpiner, aka Dean the Dream, is a true revolutionary, but he doesn’t intend to be. The singer-songwriter brings a new flavor to the Psychedelic Funk scene with his latest 7-track record Hitchin’ It To Heaven, which includes lead single “Goodbye, Danny,” and songs  like “Dying Staying Alive” and “Kiss Me Kill Me.” 

Fascinated by the “stories and characters throughout rock history,” Dean the Dream is taken with the genre, because it gives him a sense of belonging and connectedness. “When I didn’t feel as though I belonged, the rock world gave me people who made me feel more seen,” admits Alpiner.

The experimental artist explains, “I’ve always wanted my music to be for outsiders, especially those within the gay or queer community. If you look at music history, we have these artists who’ve flirted with their fluid sexualities and hinted at their otherness, but I want to be someone who fully accepts and embraces their gay sexuality, contradictions and all.” 

Dean the Dream integrates elements of  Blues, Grunge, and Old School Rock & Roll into his music. With Hitchin’ It To Heaven, Alpiner leads his listeners by example, giving them courage to embrace their individuality and identity.

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