Deadmau5 Reveals Custom Subpac M2 Available For A Limited Time

Subpac has been a market leader in wearable bass devices for as long as we can remember. No other company offers the reliability and portability that Subpac does with their tech. Clearly, the company has struck a chord with another tech-minded individual, deadmau5, as he’s now offering a custom-branded M2.

The M2 is Subpac’s wearable device, as opposed to the S2 which is made for seatbacks. The M2 can always strap on to the back of your seat, though, so it has double functionality.

Available for only a limited time, the deadmau5 M2 costs $50 more than the standard M2 at $399, but for fans and anyone that cares about quality and a reliable company, it’s money well-spent.

Check out the custom Supbac here. Only a very limited number of custom units are available; Subpac will be donating 100% of the proceeds to StudioFeed, Black Table Arts, and Maria Batlle Foundation.


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