DBS, Vol. 14: Recap & Spoilers – The Fight Against Moro Becomes Personal

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Vol. 14 by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, on sale now in English through Viz Media.

For the past several volumes of the Dragon Ball Super manga series, the Z Fighters have faced off against the magical supervillain Moro for the fate of the entire universe. With the feared foe able to consume the energy of everything from individuals to whole planets, both Goku and Vegeta have undergone extreme training to unlock new transformations and techniques ahead of the final battle against Moro. But as the villain makes his way to Earth, Moro finds himself on the defensive, revealing that he still has some devastating tricks up his sleeve, which forces one hero to pay the ultimate price in Vol. 14 of Dragon Ball Super.

After training on the planet Yardrat, Vegeta reveals that he is not only far stronger than when he previously fought Moro on Namek but has also learned a new technique: Forced Spirit Fission. Drawing the energy out of Moro that he stole from many of his victims, Vegeta uses the technique to both weaken his opponent but also use the recovered energy to resurrect the Namekians he previously massacred on New Namek. Frustrated that Vegeta is draining him of his power boost, Moro returns to his spaceship and reveals that he has kept the killer android Seven-Three's data. Including a copy of Moro at his strongest, the android merges with the synthetic being to trigger another transformation of his own.

Vegeta is horrified to learn that Moro's new form also lets him steal his victims' techniques and attacks, which Moro demonstrates by unleashing his own Big Bang Attack. Now going on the offensive, Moro systematically picks apart the Z Fighters assembled to defeat him, often using their own attacks against them. Goku damages Moro's arm with an Instant Kamehameha Wave only for Moro to use Piccolo's regeneration technique to grow it back, driving his arm through Goku's chest and mortally wounding him. Just when all hope seems lost, Galactic Patrolman and angelic attendant Merus decides to intervene.

Transporting the wounded Z Fighters away to safety, Merus buys them time to recover by battling Moro, careful not to attack him directly as it would violate the universe's rules regarding angels interfering with mortals' destiny, thus causing him to be erased from reality. After being healed by Dende, Goku returns to the battle but is still unable to transform into Perfected Ultra Instinct.

With the battle continuing to lean towards Moro's favor in Vol. 14 of Dragon Ball Super, Merus lashes out and smashes the power-stealing gem on the villain's head. As Merus fades from existence, he urges Goku to save the universe he loves so much. Whis watches his brother's sacrifice sadly. Enraged at Merus' death, Goku finally achieves Perfected Ultra Instinct.

Goku easily knocks Moro around, preventing the villain from consuming Earth's energy to turn the tide of battle, leaving an observing Beerus and Whis impressed by Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct. As Moro begs for mercy, now completely outmatched by Goku in his new form, Goku confirms that the Galactic Patrol has sentenced him to death before ripping the Galactic Patrol insignia off of his gi and preparing to execute Moro personally.

While Beerus is concerned about Goku becoming a much more unforgiving figure, the fight against Moro still isn't quite done -- the villain inevitably has some tricks to prevent his impending demise in future installments of Dragon Ball Super left to pull.

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