DanMachi: A Mysterious Xenos Causes BIG Trouble for the Loki Familia

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 3, Episode 8, "Bell Cranel | The Fool," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

DanMachi continues to raise the stakes as Bell's involvement with the Xenos put him in more and more danger of being ostracized by the rest of Orario. Indeed, as things unfold in Episode 8 of Season 3, Bell's choices look like they'll be catching up with him soon.

The episode opens up on an injured Dix making his way to the surface. As he curses both Bell and the Xenos, Asterius, a massive Black Rhinos Xenos, catches him off guard and instantly takes him out before making his way to the surface.

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Bell proceeds with his plan to protect Wiene from the Loki Familia by claiming her as his prey and pursuing her through Orario. Before they can react, though, the Loki Familia are confronted by many of the Xenos who escaped the previous encounter with the Ikelos Familia. They overwhelm the aggressive Xenos but are soon pushed back when Asterius shows up.

Asterius wreaks havoc on most of the Loki Familia before using a magic ax to paralyze some of their strongest fighters. Ais gets involved before he can do more damage, severely wounding the Xenos by cutting off his arm. Asterius still retaliates, landing a massive blow on Ais, causing the rest of the Loki Familia to intervene. Their efforts ultimately fall short as the Hermes Familia use smoke bombs to create a diversion and help the Xenos escape.

As Bell chases the still-berserk Wiene, other adventurers around town try to stop her. Bell tries to chase them off with Firebolts, but Wiene eventually finds her way into a trap where she takes heavy damage. Bell approaches her as she begins to snap out of her hypnosis, but Gran, Dix's right-hand man, critically wounds her with a piece of Dix's spear before being killed by Gros. The ground below Bell and Wiene gives out and the two fall down back into the labyrinth.

Bell returns the stone to Wiene's forehead and restores her humanoid form. Still critically wounded, Wiene thanks Bell for his kindness and tells him that she loves him before passing. Fels decides to try and revive Wiene and the spell lets out a massive light seen throughout Orario. Seeing that it's worked, Bell and the rest of the Xenos celebrate Wiene's return. Afterward, Bell runs into Eina and she physically and verbally reprimands him for putting the people around him in danger.

Bell's confrontation with the Loki Familia went better than expected, and Asterius' entrance is one of the highlights of the season so far. But as Eina's encounter with Bell insinuates, the fallout from the events that transpired likely spells bad news for Bell and the rest of his familia.